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    BorgWarner wrote:
    Did you need a forklift to move it?

    Ordered 2 Kef R400B subwoofers which will turn up around Wednesday - each is probably smaller than your old sub. Never managed to sell my old B&W 8" subs so I might use one on the centre channel and put the other one in the garage.
    Only just fit in the CX9

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    SirGrim wrote:
    You don’t find the reflective gloss finishes distracting?
    Nope. Isn't any when angled correctly.

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    Finally got the back row seats purchased and in

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    Oh my!

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    Finally got around to mostly finishing up the lounge install. Setup up a pair of front in wall speakers (kef ci4100ql-thx ; 3x4" drivers for low + 4" uni-q for mid and tweeter). Also bought a second hand SVS SB13 subwoofer from TradeMe last week. Still have my old jade 2c centre. Wall hung my computer monitor and designed a desk unit with programmable led shelf. Everything is voice activated :-P It's nice to have less wires everywhere.

    Still have to fix up some pencil marks and other marks on the wall, and will probably run a sub woofer cable under the house and put the sub in a different spot.
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    Surround speakers are up

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    Dude, that looks sick.

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    Oh wow, amazing! What did you use to mount the speakers?

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    krashersmasher wrote:
    Dude, that looks sick.
    That's mate.

    BrentSt wrote:
    Oh wow, amazing! What did you use to mount the speakers?
    The speakers come with mounting brackets and screws, made it embarrassingly easy. I just set up a laser level to make sure they were all the right height.

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    what screen? is that a projector under the step

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    Kog wrote:
    what screen? is that a projector under the step
    Haven't purchased projector or screen yet. Under the step is the power socket for the front row.

    Next port of call is some acoustic panels and a couple of Emotiva amps.