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    Nice review! Echos my expectations after playing Heavy Rain a few years ago...

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    definitely not my kind of "game" which i would play. Reminds me of those porn stuff where you control a "character" lol

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    The gameplay trailer's looked odd and the review score does not surprise

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    Well-spoken. The score seems a bit lower than what I expected based on how the review text sounded though.

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    I would probably be bored to hell playing this game myself, but I am having a fantastic time watching it on youtube.

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    yeah its more like a movie than a game, i cant wait until games look this good (and better) and actually let you play.

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    I'm all for the 'interactive story' medium - VLR was easily my favourite game of this generation and I absolutely LOVE the 'interactive novel' genre made popular by the DS, but the problem with every Quantic Dream game so far is that David Cage is a truly awful writer. You can't have a game with no gameplay that relies solely on it's narrative written by such a hack writer, it is just an awful idea.

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    This makes me pretty sad Was looking forward to a deep interactive movie-like experience but this sounds like Walking Dead game..

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    It also has contradictory game elements, such as Aiden only able to help in certain times at varying degree despite him previously being able to do something or whatever.. Very confusing, Limits in its gameplay seem to only exist to keep things going in a very linear fashion.