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    I used to hate gommer in DoD.

    Every time behind that one box I never checked was him with that bloody Thompson.

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    Ex6tence has actually been playing ridiculously good lately, there were a few months there where he was doing horrible each game and being a huge anchor but he's definitely picked things up lately. Anyone else seen screams headshot rating in their most recent game vs Astana? 82.4!!!!
    That's ****ing ridiculous let alone against teams like Astana!

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    M0F0 wrote:
    It's tactical waiting guise~
    Hahah; loved when the entire server changed their name to gommer <insertname> and camped corners with p90's every round. Good times.


    350 kills. 90 of them with p90. Good to see he hasnt changed.


    <orpheus> Hello gommer, could you please introduce yourself
    <gommer krinkle> im gommer krinkle i play cs
    <orpheus>heh. so gommer when did you start playing cs, and what are your earliest memories of it?
    <gommer krinkle> about 6 months ago i think..... i fondly remember my first game where i luckily discovered my favourite gun.. the p90
    <orpheus> ahh yes, the p90. We'll come back to that later in the interview. Gommer, with your introduction into the CSNZ forums you have obviously experienced a lot of publicity. How are you dealing with your new found fame?
    <gommer krinkle> csnz???
    <orpheus> counter-strike new zealand... its the cs community in nz
    <gommer krinkle> sorry i have no idea what you are talking about
    <orpheus> ahh. ok. Moving right along, gommer there has been a lot of discussion about your name and it's possible meaning. Do you think you could explain it to me please?
    <gommer krinkle> well the krinkle bit is easy just a bunch of mates calling ourselves krinkle gommer is my nickname
    <orpheus> gommer, what do you believe is meant by the expression 'camping'
    <gommer krinkle> i dont camp i ambush....
    <orpheus> relax man, im not accusing you of anything, just wondering what you think camping is.
    <gommer krinkle> sitting in a corner the whole game
    <orpheus> and what is the difference between camping and 'ambushing'
    <gommer krinkle> when you make an ambush you need a suitable gun, i find the p90 suits it well because of its large clip capacity. also ambushing happens only when you know that someone is going to come around that corner.
    <orpheus> tell me about the way you so successfully use the p90
    <gommer krinkle> well basically its only any good from about 3 metres away, so usually i just find a place in a close corridor, or a doorway and set up my ambushes there if the enemy is long range I try to hit them by firing bursts of 10-15 rounds
    <orpheus> loal. how... interesting.
    <gommer krinkle> i dont have any more time for this i have to go
    <orpheus> no worries gommer thanks a lot for your time
    <gommer krinkle> bye

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    Ahhh priceless...

    edit -

    "The cutest"

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    P90 is a perfectly legitimate anti-eco gun.

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    Came across this website awhile back good for setting crosshair hope peps find it usefull got mine like get_right and i still suck


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    coloN action in grand final straight beAst

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    heh epic, made the others look like noobs

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    Whoever made that video has excellent taste in music, nothin' like a bit of Royce and Black Milk

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    aeth0r wrote:
    P90 is a perfectly legitimate anti-eco gun.
    Wasn't in 1.5 lol

    damn you gommer! original troll

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    i know this guy you might of seen him in MM , name = crusty old killer

    ive seen this **** on severs since the start of source and now csgo the **** never buys anything but p90 , 6-7 years straight p90 gives me the fkn shits

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    Haydn wrote:
    that guy has such insane aim, scream had a 99% headshot rating in copenhagen games or one of those bigger tournaments across the whole lan; the whole of verygames have been getting better and better since that ems lan... only a matter of time before the wins are shared between all of these teams - also want to see what lgb bring to the table, dennis and olofmeister yeeeeh! dreamhack winter is going to be one interesting event to watch.
    Can't agree with you more. LGB have had some awesome games, they do seem a bit inconsistent but they're definitely a really good team and are capable of winning DHW

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    So, aussie servers down... and seemingly no announcement about it? been down since last night some time. 'TIS MADNESS

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    i played on one before :S but yeah looks like they down now , played on american server last night was capped had 200 ping pretty much unplayable yet still 30 bombed gg amurikans

    edit ive got people on steam that are playing on aussie servers

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    Set you max ping to around 100, should put you in an aus server if they are actually up.

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    They ****ed out again last night ... wtf valve .. .at least tell us why they are borked. Probably getting DDosd and too scared to tell the public.

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    I managed 3 games in a row last night, with zero errors. Is it fixed or was my computer rain-manning it?

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    Well we had 3 players with fine ping then the other 2 on 211 ... and they weren't lanning.

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    sic verse lets lobbby up!

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    Every new patch I start getting different types of memory leaks - is ****ing me off.

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    sic.verse wrote:
    Also, The day I get fiber installed. Will be great
    Have fiber here mate, it doesn't affect your ping much (I get 30-50). On the other hand, steam downloads games at 12 MB/s - epic.

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    I'm with telecom, 500gb cap, 100mbp/s connection. $159/month. Me and 2 other flatmates, usually get to about 400/500 used, with 2 days left. And we're all heavy users. It's awesome.

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    I get 70ping average, 60 on a good day and 90 on a bad day
    Quite a pain in the ass when you're playing people on 10-40 ping on cybergamer matches

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    jdz wrote:
    I get 70ping average, 60 on a good day and 90 on a bad day
    Quite a pain in the ass when you're playing people on 10-40 ping on cybergamer matches
    Back in the days of default interleaving I used to scrim CoD4 with 110-120 ping every night. **** that