Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm

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    I feel like its shortcoming was that they tried to make it too accessible. I was really sad when it came out without last hitting (or an equivalent) or an item shop.

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    Sverin wrote:
    Lets just hope they leave Overwatch alone. The only decent blizzard game left.
    Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, Starcraft Remastered, and Hearthstone would show that to be untrue
    Also perhaps WoW due to its still massive player base even though I've not played it in over a decade. There is also the Warcraft 3 remaster coming next year.
    Note that you not liking something does not indicate its "decency" in a wider context.

    I should add I don't like Overwatch and can't really see the appeal, but I am not about to call it a bad game because I don't like it.
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    So I've been playing this game almost daily since the alpha

    with respect to queue time they were pretty good in the past year, averaging from 2-3 mins on weeknights to at worst 5-10 mins during morning/daytime.

    queuing up in like 4-5 man teams was the only time i saw upto 20min queue times

    Also people calling dumb down vs uber strategic just cos it didn't have last hit/item shop and let one person carry.

    There was a lot of strategy and different game play mechanics to dota/lol, it was a lot about the interaction with the map and its objectives rather than just farming for items.

    And no i'm not bias as someone who use to play dota2 in its early days and have played dota and its derivatives on wc3 custom games for many years i did enjoy the difference HOTS offered.

    I'm pretty sad that they put it on life support, even when they had their biggest year this year. Part of the problem was with hots 1.0 failing they did some initial marketing for hots 2.0 but after that not much really.

    Games like overwatch/lol/fortnite/pubg get so much marketing,
    I was seeing ads for them everywhere and dumb long ads too, but if blizzard really wanted to push esports and make it main stay game their marketing was very poor for it.
    Look up marketing for like grammerly/wix they pretty much spammed everyone everywhere to get people interested and it helped big time.
    It can make a huge difference, but activision/blizz didnt feel the game was worth of such and so here we are years later.

    But I feel this is the first part of activisions culling within blizzard, i'm sure theirs more coming to the other games too if only to bring more mobile games,

    Imagine Wow for mobile with its subscription service and boosts shop
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    It was more straight forward than LoL/Dota but that was one of its strengths imo, at least it was trying new things. Plus the maps/objectives were really cool and some of the heroes are genuinely unique/interesting. Having said that it never really hooked me in like LoL did.

    Reading comments from people involved in the pro scene and it seems like Blizzard were initially supportive but that dropped off and this is the end result. I don't really follow Overwatch any more but I am curious as to how that's going now...

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    I mean I still played HOTS a lot but an apple is an apple, after playing DOTA, HoN, LoL and HOTS all for a number of years, HOTS is definitely the weakest entry on the scene for me.

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    It got boring. Every game felt the same. Felt very childish too.

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    whelp, its seems like it will just be RIP Blizzard soon, rather then just HoTS.

    "Like a blight upon the land, everything I touch shall whither and die!" - Activision
    Investors wanting instant returns and growth are just destroying gaming.

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    Swampy wrote:

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    -- original post --
    looks like things are starting to ramp up for this.
    Officially named Heroes of the storm today and twitter account started up.
    Will be interesting to see how much of a dent they can make into the Moba scene.
    They're WAY late to the MOBA party. Riot owns the market.

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    zinogarphy wrote:
    They're WAY late to the MOBA party. Riot owns the market.
    settler gonna settle

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