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    kransky wrote:
    I hit 2 star master last week. I heard you need a 70% win rate or something to hit 3 star.
    Nice. I'm now up to 1 star Diamond.

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    Ill prob wait till I have my 2-3 decks sorted before trying any rank as more people come the ranking system will get harder and not be able to hit it so easy, but nice! cant be too hard , SS your decks you use and let us have a geez! and some decks you guys use in rank!

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    Just hit 3 Star Master. Wish they'd have some place to look at your own stats.

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    kransky wrote:
    This game is all about strategic planning and playing around different cards you're opponent has. You try and bait out his removals and silences before you drop you're big minions. I think you just need to play it more to understand the finer details.
    If you read my original response, you'd see that what I'm saying is you can't do this as you have no idea what/how many random things they will have. There is no way to "bait" someone into using a dismiss card.

    I think you're really trying to find a level of depth this game just doesn't have.

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    In constructed you get a max of 2 per card. So I know how many removals/spells my opponent has. If a priest has already played 2 mind controls then I can feel confident in dropping Ysera or some other big drop. If a mage has already polymorphed twice I know my big drops are going to be relatively safe. If a mage hasn't dropped any fireballs late into the game then I can assume he's saving up to burst me down which means I need to focus on damage mitigation and heal myself instead of my minions. In arena you can get more than 2 of a card but it's very unlikely your opponent is going to draft more than 3 of a particular removal. They could have 10 but it's unlikely so you play with that in mind.

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    ^ Even at that, its still very, very shallow strategy if any really - which was my entire point.

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    even if the strategy is minimal, there's still skill involved in choosing the most efficient line within the time limits. as long as there is room for people to make mistakes (and people make huge mistakes all the time) then I think you can still play it without treating it like some rock paper scissors RNG-fest. eventually when people know everything about the game it might get to that point but I know that you would definitely not be making the most optimal play every turn so there's still room to improve your skill and get better and have an edge on others. the way you make it out is like the choice is so obvious that it's just a case of what card happens to come out, when in reality there are a variety of choices which each have merits depending on what class you're up against and how the game has played out so far

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    No one would have an extra beta key would they by any chance?

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    The game has the same level of strategy as Snap and possibly Go Fish.

    This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and doesn't mean its a bad game. I still enjoy the quick 10 minute once a day, and its well polished. Just don't try and pretend there is more to it.

    It is very easy to make the best possible play based on what cards you have, what cards you can 'hope' to draw next, what cards the opponent has played, what cards you assume they have in their deck and what card you assume the will respond to your card with. None of which is really 'skill' but more just knowing the possible cards. As with all/most card games this is still all based purely on luck (again this doesn't mean its a bad game/thing).

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    and here's where I disagree....I'd be willing to bet money that you don't make the most optimal play every turn. I think you overrate how good you are at a game you just started playing....not even the best guys playing on streams who have played TCGs for 10+ years with an 80%+ winrate in arena and know the game far better than you would play perfectly every move of every game. Like I said there's definitely room for mistakes and the play you think is the best is not always the best simply due to a small factor you might have missed about his deck, playstyle or how the cards have come out. I'm not denying the game is pretty thin in terms of strategy, but there's definitely more thought involved than you're implying, and it's not like it was aiming to be the next starcraft with strategy? It's a card game...

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    kransky wrote:
    I hit 2 star master last week. I heard you need a 70% win rate or something to hit 3 star.
    don't think it's quite that hard, i went from 2 star master > 3 star in the space of about an hour - think it took something like 5 wins

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    sorceror wrote:
    don't think it's quite that hard, i went from 2 star master > 3 star in the space of about an hour - think it took something like 5 wins
    There was a post about it on reddit and it seems different for everyone. Some people hit 2 star in like a day but sit at 2 star for like a week and then just jump up to 3 star randomly.

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    Signed up end of last week, got my key today. Gonna give it a wee blat tomorrow night I think.

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    Got my key today, will try later tonight

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    finally got beta key!

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    So everyone but me has gotten their keys now? it's cool. damn blizzard

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    aventadoR#1539 add me

    im so bad tho

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    I will be setting up online tournys, and online competitions for fellow NZ / GP players on Hearthstone. So prep up decks etc, There will be set rules on how many legends, rares etc just to make it overall fair for everyone that joins up. Prizes (IF we have a join up fee) we could get a few single packs or 7 pack prizes going, spot prizes, just making it as awesome as any other tourny! Keep an Eye out for the threads, it prob wont be in this one, hopefully HS will have its own thread soon to organise this better

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    I thought Hearthstone didn't have a custom tournament feature yet?

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    User: Diceyy#1375 Just got the key today

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    had a couple of games with priest, man i see why a lot of people use priests, you can pull some retarded shit within the first couple of rounds if you go second

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    Thoughts on my mage deck?

    2x Arc Miss
    2x Wyrm
    2x Frostbolt
    2x Ooze
    2x Sorc App
    1x Bloodmage
    2x Harvest
    2x Raging Worgen
    2x Fireball
    2x Poly
    2x Spellbreaker
    2x Water Ele
    2x Blizzard
    2x Drake
    1x Pyro
    1x Ragnaros
    1x Ysera