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    It's a good time to start when a new expansion comes out because the meta usually changes.

    New set is basically control/ anti-aggro oriented so hopefully the meta slows down a bit.

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    Also with the changes to only opening 1 legendary of each type will be a huge help.

    I didn't played much of Ungo(quests were a miss imo) but will probably get back into it for this one, lots of good looking cards.

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    I only got 2 shitty class legendaries from opening 56 packs :/ And the Warrior DK from the prologue mission.

    I have no idea what I'm going to play this expac. Maybe control priest.

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    got 6 legendaries from 70 packs, that includes the free one from prologue

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    Felt ripped off last expansion with that preorder pack thing, don't think I'd drop money on that again.

    The new pity timer is great for a release. I never get close to getting a complete set so managed to pull 8 all up in 60 packs.
    30 Frozen Packs, got me 4 not including the freebie
    10 Classic Packs got me 2
    10 Ungoro and Mean Streets got me another 1 each

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    Cards look really cool - I had 72 packs to open (63 frozen and a mixture of others) ended up with 5 legendaries.

    Loving how if you get a legendary it is guaranteed to be a new one!

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    Anti-magic shield is nuts

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    I got a few good cards, 3-4 legendaries and the one I really wanted (Deathstalker Rexxar)

    Now the question is... I need a Deck that utilizes him, I've tried a few but I'm either playing them wrong or they are terrible. (Probably playing them wrong)

    any tips? anyone else using this legendary in their deck?

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    Yeah, I also got Deathstalker Rexxar. No idea what deck to run it in though. It just seems so weird for the class: a really late game control card in a rush class.

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    lots of people using the licht king legendary my decks suck I got most cards but a good deck requires cards from older expacs and got all the crappie legendaries will need to do some crafting

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    Man, some of the control decks people are playing are greedy as **** lol. Awesome to see that rather than lots of aggro decks though. Having good success with Nzoth/Lich King priest.

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    Gwarden wrote:
    Man, some of the control decks people are playing are greedy as **** lol.
    Hardcounter with a mill deck?

    Though thanks to that new discard all 1-costs thing, even mill decks are hard to pull off since they rely on 1-mana spells themselves.

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    I got the priest, warlock and shaman legendaries and warrior hero legendary.

    So the worst ones, unless there's some cool freeze shaman cards. Haven't looked into the set too heavily yet, was gonna pass after being disappointed by the last expansion but there's some interesting stuff here.

    edit: Shaman hero from the quest! woo!. Whats the reward for the second part?
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    I've got the shaman hero legendary but evolve shaman just feels to random for my tastes almost all opponents find it easy to constantly clear my board of minions before I can play the hero to evolve them how do I keep them alive with so much aoe/silence/steal this expansion
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    and this morning everyone is on the priest bandwagon, last 10 games all priest control decks

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    I'm using Trumps midrange Deathstalker deck... can't even get past rank 20 (ouch)

    so bad... no idea what I'm doing with it.

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    Deathstalker is trash tier

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    ^lul, dat Majordomo

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    Got my 3rd golden hero (after Warlock and Druid)! Priest, on the back of 100+ Razakus wins (and a cheeky Big/Greedy deck).

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    So they announced a new Warlock hero - but only for attending a fireside gathering. I see that Auckland and Wellington have taverns - but I live in Christchurch. Anyone word on ones here? Keen to get one started?


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    I ran one at my work in July. Was heaps of fun. Lots of people play the game but I find it hard to find 'em!

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