[N7] New Mass Effect Andromeda{no spoilers}

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    Reboot in five years imo.

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    Greyfrog wrote:
    But that isnt Andromeda?

    That's what he is saying right?
    I think it's in reference to the IP as a whole: they are finishing off the Andromeda strain of the IP in comics/novels...it's cutties as.

    The Year: 2024
    The Place: BioWare Edmonton Future Edition
    The Game: Mass Effect: A New Beginning (soft reboot, all same lore, set either in FCW/DuringTrilogy/WayAfterTrilogy).

    Personally hoping for the 'breath' Indoc theory to become soft canon (not mentioned, but implied) and set 200 years post Reaper destruction/end/rebuild.

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    As much as I liked Andromeda. Ryder's are not the characters they should continue with.

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    Picked up a copy for $18 from eb. Will probably never end up playing it.


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    I forgot this game even existed

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    Such an awesome game. I was surprised after the reviews. Guttered they won't finish the story.

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    If Andromeda was call space epic 101 or something, it would have been received in a whole different light, unfortunately....it was a Mass Effect game, and an average one by comparison.

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