Preacher [AMC] (Use SPOILER tags when talking about the comics)

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    My bad Kotaku must have a preview release

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    Yeah critics have had the pilot.

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    This starts tonight/tomorrow, Sunday in the States anyway.

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    Pretty excite tbh

    I have a feeling this will be a lot of people's fave new show

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    Need a replacement for Banshee, so fingers crossed.

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    Its out. Hope its good.

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    One of the best opening sequences I've seen in ages. This show should be epic.

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    Knowing nothing about the comic the pilot felt somewhat stale? Perhaps it was too outside normality for me to grasp it enough to appreciate it better?

    There's enough appeal to warrant watching more in the hopes that it finds its feet and runs with it.

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    I get what you mean, having read/owning all the comics I quickly identified with all the characters and I know they've only scratched the surface. For someone who hasn't read the comics some people would probably be left scratching their heads.

    FYI this is also available on Lightbox.

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    it was not bad, not sold on Tulip tho ( nm that she was blonde in the comics , what would Cassidy be if he was not irish? ) . They are all super soldiers/ vampire tho..

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    Holy crap!

    I only just finished reading the comics about a month or so ago, didn't know this was getting a TV series as well so psyched!
    Will have to catch the first episode. Expecting some good things from this

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    zippy wrote:
    One of the best opening sequences I've seen in ages. This show should be epic.
    I only watched the first half of the show so far, but that scene and the introduction of Cassidy were top notch and enough to hook me in.

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    So you have an Englishman playing a Texan, an Ethiopian-Irish woman playing an American of some description and an Englishman playing an Irishman - it must suck being an American actor these days

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    Been awhile since I read this the comics... First episode jumped about a lot so at times a little disjointed. Jesse's smirk while beating up the rednecks and Cassidy's flaming hand sold it.

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    Just watched it and will definitely keep watching it. I come in fresh, not knowing anything about the source or the characters.

    What they hell is with butthole face boy?

    Edit: don't answer that - I just Wiki'd it.

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    That was a lot of characters they threw at you in the first ep. Really liked it but was hard to follow.

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    I see Ruth Negga and Dominic Cooper star in Warcraft together too, and are dating IRL.

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    They have good chemistry. And Gilgun as Cassidy is exactly what you'd hope for when you hear the description "Irish vampire."

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    Well after seeing him in Misfits, I was hoping he'd be the comic relief.

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    He was so good in that and he appears to be just as excellent here.

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    Thought it was aight

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    Controversial show 'Preacher' gets Christians hot under the collar

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    Remember that time psychologists got all upset by Hannibal.... nah me either. Xtians not knowing when to stay in their lane once again - you can't really blame them for confusing fiction with reality though.

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    As per the comments on that:
    "Preacher, which aired for the first time on Lightbox recently, depicts God as a villain and The Preacher as a hard-drinking, chain-smoking whose ultimate goal is to find and defeat God on his throne in Heaven."

    There are a couple of things wrong with this sentence: 1-God is depicted more like an absentee father, rather than a villain; 2-Preacher's ultimate goal isn't to defeat him, but hold him to account for his "absentee-ism".
    Subtle but very major points in the whole storyline.
    Still not as violent as the bible.