Preacher [AMC] (Use SPOILER tags when talking about the comics)

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    AMC have ordered a pilot for Preacher

    badassdigest wrote:
    With the loss of Breaking Bad and soon Mad Men, AMC is looking at a big hole in their schedule, one that shows like The Killing and Low Winter Sun haven't quite been able to fill. While they have the ratings juggernaut that is The Walking Dead, they still need something that will be a buzz show, that will get a ton of attention and make a cultural impact. They're betting that show will be Preacher.

    Sources tell me that the network has ordered a pilot based on the classic Vertigo comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. In the comic Jesse Custer is a small town preacher who is torn by booze and sin and who finds himself the vessel for a strange entity - the child of a mating between an angel and a demon. Filled with immense power, including The Word of God, which makes anyone do whatever he says, Jesse goes hunting for the Lord Almighty, who has abandoned creation. He aims to make him pay for leaving his children behind. Joining Jesse on his journey is his ex-girlfriend Tulip, who is now a hit woman, and a hundred year old Irish vampire named Cassidy. Along the way they battle secret religious commandoes, the retarded descendent of Christ, a guy who ****s meat and even each other.

    The comic is profane and blasphemous, and if AMC takes it to series they're showing a commitment to upping the R-rated quality of what we've seen on The Walking Dead. It isn't so much that Preacher is hyper-violent - although it can be - but rather that it tackles hot-button religious issues with all the subtlety and grace of a loud wet fart in church.

    Preacher has been out in the world of almost getting adapted for a while; it all started back in 1998 when Garth Ennis wrote a draft of a script and Kevin Smith tried to get Harvey Weinstein to make it. Along the way we've seen people like Rachel Talaly, DJ Caruso and Sam Mendes attached to direct. I don't know who is attached to the TV series, but I hear the names are big and impressive.

    The sprawling, road trip nature of the comic lends itself to TV more than movies in my opinion. I think AMC will take the show right to the edge (if it goes to series), and I wouldn't be shocked to discover they shoot alternate, crazier versions for Netflix and home video. And of course going to series is the next big hump; this property has been floundering in adaptation for a lot of years, and there's no guarantee this version will get any farther than previous ones.

    hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng if true, can't see it being easy to tone it down for television though.

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    So keen...I don't know about AMC these days, though.

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    can't they just make a breaking bad remake?

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    Breaking Bad 2: The Baddening.

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    directed by M Night Shyamalan

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    Awwwwesommmme so many excellent characters Jesse, Saint of Killers, Cassidy, Jody. They better cast this good. But yeah the church is gonna be pissed.

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    I have no idea how they could turn this in to a series without it being butchered. The entire story around the retarded inbred offspring of Christ alone will cause outrage in the states. Let alone Herr Starr and Arseface!

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    I like this trend of comic to TV they're trying to do recently. If this takes off we'll see much more of it!

    Just goes to show that the mainstream does love this kinda weird/geeky comic book stuff, its that they can only digest it in TV form. next please!

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    Someone start a TV network devoted to bringing comic books and graphic novels to TV.

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    This man knows great TV.

    Nice sig btw. Fkn mexirage~

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    Even if they screw this up it's better than there not being a Preacher show on TV.

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    Some good choices imo:
    It has been confirmed today that This Is The End's Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will indeed be adapting Preacher for AMC, while Breaking Bad's Sam Catlin has joined the project as showrunner.

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    Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer. Not bad.

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    I dont see him as a gritty American cowboy type but he might surprise

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    will they show ARSE FACE??

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    Arseface has been cast! It will happen

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    Almost forgot this was happening. Finally get to see something from it.

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    A trailer for a trailer!

    You now owe me 12 seconds.

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    Early reviews of the pilot are really solid

    Preacher looks gorgeous, with wide, expansive shots of dusty Texas horizon. Annville looks and feels like real small town Texas, an idea often manufactured but rarely sold in television or film. It's stylish, with clever edits and enormous location title cards that make a big impact. It's darkly but indisputably funny, though Catlin claims our audience's hearty laughter means we're all demented, and he's probably not wrong, at that.

    It's thrilling and smart and utterly fearless.

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    Awesome. Couple of great shows like this on at the moment

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    So did anymore watch?

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    jords wrote:
    So did anymore watch?

    Starts in May btw.