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    Completely agree. Absolutely 0 reason to not be on fibre.

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    Just a heads up. In waterloo, lower hutt and getting some shit speeds with BP

    Not sure what's going on there but there we go.

    on gigabit fiber

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    Undefineed wrote:
    Just a heads up. In waterloo, lower hutt and getting some shit speeds with BP

    Not sure what's going on there but there we go.

    on gigabit fiber
    Are you plugged directly into the ONT when you are getting those speeds?

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    Bigpipe, did you break the connection to youtube? Can't get anything to play.

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    teelo7 wrote:
    Bigpipe, did you break the connection to youtube? Can't get anything to play.
    Mines working fine, what DNS you using? ( using 1111/8888 )

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    Switched to google dns and its going now.

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    can u guys plss help me choose the fibre plan? i play some games casually online, watch netflix. i do stream quite a bit so fast load times for that would be good but i dunno if i need more than 100Mbps download as its already an upgrade from my current vdsl connnection. my wife does quite a bit of work through teamviewer to connect to her work comp so fast connection for that would be a bonus too. does the upload speed matter much? shall i get that 100/100 plan or is it more worth it to get the 200/20? is 20Mbps upload speed enough?

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    I work from home and also play online and use Netflix at 4k. I downgraded from 950/550 to 200/20 (as I wasn't even close to utilising that much bandwidth by myself) and I've have barely noticed the difference. It will be more than enough for teamviewer, the added download speed will probably be of more use than the upload.

    I'd only bother with the 100Mbps upload if she uploads a lot of large files regularly.
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    Thank you for ur reply, sounds like 200/20 is the winnah! Gonna sign up tonight

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    You can probably try 100/20, if it's not enough you can upgrade. Check with them of course. I have 200/20 with bigpipe (due to chch deal) and the only time I max it out is downloading. Netflix etc wouldn't come close. I'm often gaming while the better half is on Netflix, haven't had issues. Didn't have issues with 100/20 either though, so that's why I'm floating that idea, if you want to save a few bucks. Both options will smoke your old connection.

    PM if you want referral code, we both get $20 credit from memory.

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    Or you could PM me for my referral code

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    i totally would do that but im already a big pipe customer, ive been with them since day 1 :'(

    thanks again though i have signed up!

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    Stupid question, if I were to change to *a new provider* here in Dunners (cos my gigabit plan is about to end), do I jsut signup with bigpipe or do I have to rring 2 degrees to let them know I am switching provider? Its so stupid but iver always gotten broadband fresh at a flat and never changed provider.
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    Often they have a notice period, so it would pay to call 2 degrees and ask what that is. Have seen 28 days.

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    Yep, just ring up you current ISP and and give them a months notice, then when signing up to Bigpipe online you can select what date you want it changed over on.

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    Note that you should sign up with the new provider before giving cancellation notice with the old provider: if the old provider puts in a cancellation order with Chorus, etc. it can block the new provider from placing a switch order.

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    Have been with BigPipe for 4 years with no issues. Moving house soon so it's a good opportunity to shop around. BigPipes 3 months free sounds like a good deal, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

    Will probably go for max speeds, but could go for a 200-500max connection.

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    Sigh. Bigpipe. Why do you need to do a $1 charge to my CC to check that its valid when I change cards? Why couldn't you just either not reverse it and credit that $1 to my next bill or just test if my CC is valid when the next bill rolls around? If the CC turns out to not be valid then its no different to the time I had no money in the account - the transaction declines and you give me two days to pay it before cutting my internet.

    I'm not making a big deal out of it because its just a dollar. I'm more annoyed with how the banks handle them. Those damn charges stick around for two weeks before finally being reversed. I have a ton of them because I had to change my CC number for a ton of services and its money I'm locked out of until those charges finish reversing.

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    Looks like 2D is offering $200 sign on bonus and $85/mo for 900/400. I don't see why not to pick that deal?

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    And you get free Amazon prime video for 12 months.

    Stuff deal is $809.55/year through
    2D deal is $820/year

    Stuff is ****ing around with Chorus for my install so I might consider switching.

    Does anyone have any comments about 2D download speeds and pings to US?

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    Can I ring 2D and ask to sign up to their deal, but specifically have it start on like 3rd of Jan or something? Is this something they'd accommodate?

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    Yes, any ISP will, as you need to give your existing one 30 days notice.