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    Cool match of H1Z1 with XSpike

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    Good fun

    + A couple of races on GT:Sport

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    First play of the track Angel Voices in Beat Saber (PSVR). The lowest difficulty is Hard. Absolute beast of a song.

    Quite a few fails around half way but I've definitely improved. The first time through was definitely the most magical tho.

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    Pretty cool race. Was leading from start to finish & no one got close

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    Subculture wrote:
    How did you get Resogun to run on XBone?
    Upload to FB & download with a video downloader
    - Do some editing if you want
    - Make sure to change the file type from MP4 to MKV to give you a much better quality on youtube (just right click, rename. Does the trick) Torrent TurboTax Gogoanime
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    update of my vids from other threads + last one is new


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    14 kill squad win. Nothing special, just my highest kill win so far

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    The Last Wish raid (Destiny 2) finally completed thanks to GPNZ (first encounter) and The Midnight Meat Train (the rest). We knocked it out in one evening, but still took 3 1/2 hours, finished up at 1am. Pretty crude edit, just included the successful encoutners

    Also ran through all songs on Hard + speed-up through Beat Saber today, failed a few and a couple of times the tracking lost my strikes but was a great workout

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    Best solo win so far

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    Awesome win with Crow & Zaphoid last night

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    Anthem Javbro

    Click image for larger version. 

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    71 kills to 6 deaths over the 3 days of Grand Operations. 35 kills to 0 deaths on the 3rd day (the vid)

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    First run of my fav song Stronger from the new beat saber DLC live as of today. This is on fast mode.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Best Blackout win so far

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    my first and probably only expert (not expert + f that noise lol) fast mode 100%

    audio is a bit out of sync, no idea why :/

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    Bits from a couple of wins on Firestorm

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    Don't normally play a lot of Reaper but with the new meta I've been giving him a go, just got my first team wipe with him.

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    GiantMartianTripod wrote:
    Don't normally play a lot of Reaper but with the new meta I've been giving him a go, just got my first team wipe with him.
    Nice one man ! I've had lord saladin say that "Die Die Die" for me in D2 lol.
    Heres a vid of me trying to snipe....

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    Well it seems to be a bit tough but more of fun.