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    Herald today:

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    NZ_Herald wrote:
    Asked whether he personally wanted Mr Minto to go to South Africa, Mr Key said: "I wanted to raise and canvas a whole range of people and I did that."
    Spot the typo/spelling mistake

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    -HB wrote:
    They must be getting paid very shit if all they did was typing out articles (and copy and paste).

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    Stuff has been taken over by Chinese overlords?

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    -HB wrote:
    I wouldn't mind this job.

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    So soon Stuff will have an editor?

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    Good stuffClick image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Can't upload.

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    A driver was killed then their car crashed in Waitomo last night.
    Police Northern Communications Centre shift commander Steve Kose said the car rolled just before 10.30pm and the sole occupant died at the scene.
    The police serious crash unit is investigating.

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    Bernard John Griffiths, 65, met up with the sticky-fingered ladyboy (a person whose physiology is part male, part female)...
    I'm pretty sure they are describing a hermaphrodite here, not a ladyboy.

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    that's no pram

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    Why is it that we could hardly find any errors when they copy and pasted articles from other publishers?

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    ^^lol. Stuff editing ****up, incorrect understanding of the law, AND people complaining to the media over a first world problem! What a combo for a typical stuff article!

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    Not stuff's mistake, but they're reporting on someone else's mistake:

    Forget Wellington - Auckland is the capital city of New Zealand, according to a British newspaper.

    The blunder occurred as the Telegraph reported on New Year's Eve celebrations around the world.

    "The city of Auckland was the first major world capital to let off the fireworks as the country marks the beginning of the New Year," it said.

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    Stuff is just a freaking tabloid. Seriously, who cares if some Brit paper got the capital wrong.

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    They do, apparently.

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    Everyone cares a country other then ours mentioned us somehow so it is exciting for people

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    As an aside, did anyone go to that link and watch the Sky Tower fireworks "display". It honestly looks like they just popped down to the Warehouse and bought the $50 fireworks pack. NZ misses the trick when it comes to this stuff. Invest some money in a decent fireworks display (like they had for the RWC 2011) and since it's the first country to see the new year, it would get plastered all over the world news. Instead everyone just ignores it and focuses on Australia.

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    They get them from Countdown, not The Warehouse. At least get it right.