I don't like change.

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    Deathbat's name is too long for forums now, ban.

    My avatar

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    What have you done!#@!.. It's slow to scroll, slow to type.. & errorrrs everywhere

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    I love it.

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    ^ reported for lying
    DeathbatDrummer wrote:
    My avatar is gone as well. Thanks for nothing EGOR
    your name looks like this even when zoomed fully out

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    Its so fat, and heavy...

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    The white will take adjusting but the design and format is nice. (More conversational, or something)


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    Wtf is this shit

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    F*ck, I can't see my avatar anymore either.

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    this layout with the old colour scheme would be best

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    Ewwwwwww. I'm pretty sure my hate for this new look goes far beyond simple "People hate change."

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    InvisibleShadow wrote:
    I like it, but it doesn't seem optimised for mobile.
    I wonder if this version of EgorBB will support Tapatalk

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    Glad to see we still use the Black Power fist symbol

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    Layout and everything is good - the whiteness is eye splittingly painful, like my eyes are sore after 2 minutes.

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    scrolling is slowwwwww

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    I can see you kazza

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    i like the white. doesn't stand out as much when I'm on here undercover during work

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    Kog wrote:
    ^ reported for lying

    your name looks like this even when zoomed fully out
    Life is over :/ I WANT THE OLD GP BACK

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    Dis avatar squish, urghhh @ the 10 character minimum, also is there a way to change colour scheme? The whiteness is burning my retinas

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    I can't open PtP's "Hey guys" thread.

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    KevinL wrote:
    I get VB errors when I try and open any other threads :/


    Also I need 10 characters.

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    Lost my custom tag, lost my avatar, don't like the new layout, errors everywhere. I AM THE VOICE OF COMPLAINT.

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    Yay, more blue/white light when browsing in bed.