I don't like change.

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    There seem to be some issues when viewing in IE8.

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    Well this is new and exciting...

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    Everything is so big and in your face, even at 1080p resolution. I feel like I'm zoomed in 200% on my browser.

    Is there also an option to revert to a background colour that won't give eyestrain after 5 minutes?

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    mother of god


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    I'm not able to post in some of the threads either. You click "quick reply" and it just goes to a white screen.

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    I quite like it
    Its..... refreshing

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    Huh, well that error screen was not meant to happen. Fixed now.

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    Definitely need the option to change background to something less intense

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    I hear if you PM Mutton he will give you access to the old colour scheme.

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    Going to take some time to get used.
    First Spam/Bot? http://www.gpforums.co.nz/threads/47...t-film-szybkie

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    The spoilers tags are now useless lol

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    Will there be an option to go back to old style/colors?

    New symbols on left hand side next to new posts is ****ing horrible. How about just 2 colours again - new replies, or no new replies

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    Post test. Having same problem, quick reply not working sometimes.

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    I can't find any option to change the colour scheme.

    Seems to have nixed the friends and ignore list too.

    QUASI why u check me out

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    Anyone else having problems with their posts going through?

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    Did you guys consider Google or Facebook login integration? Seems like a perfect fit for the added social aspects.

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    The imported smileys are all broken as well

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    It's so ugly. I can't look away.

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    It tells people who has looked at their profile (like LinkedIn). Bad move.

    Also white backgrounds WASTE mobile battery life.

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    Trying to find my way around this new layout on my phone is frustrating to say the least.

    Like the new look though.

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    Default text colour.. :S

    Pretty flash though.

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    the scrolling

    it's a nightmare

    oh lawdy

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    Zoom out for better browsing.

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    I miss :gar: already

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    Why does every post below nine appear to have blue text?