Better Call Saul [AMC]

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    Better Call Saul [AMC]

    Saw today that Netflix has won VOD rights to stream the series after the finale has aired on AMC, in 2014. Netflix was originally the next choice for Sony if AMC had not purchased the rights.

    Still no word from AMC about a premiere date, but it's sure to be one the most anticipated and talked about debuts of next year.

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    A TV show about the lawyer? Hes interesting but not that interesting.

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    jeremyfire wrote:
    A TV show about the lawyer? Hes interesting but not that interesting.
    oh ****...Gwarden incoming

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    I liked his character he had good chemistry with Walter and Sky. Not sure if he can stand on his own though.

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    Reserving judgement

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    I am adopting a wait and see approach, but you have to admit that anything Gilligan does from here on out will be judged by some very high criteria.

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    I think it will be a mistake but I would love to be wrong about this.

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    The problem is even if it's a "good" show, a whole bunch of people are going to tune in and be disappointed when it isn't an "amazing" show like BB was.

    I'm expecting that they'll put out something entertaining, I'm not expecting one of the greatest shows in TV history.

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    It won't be great as the main character demands less emotional attachment. He is more of a clown type character. But it needn't be great in a BB sense as the show might succeed as a stylish black comedy.

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    I think they can totally make this work. Look at what they did with the Jonathan Banks character.

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    It will be alright. Plot is pretty much limitless.

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    Limit0 wrote:
    Reserving judgement

    Will watch and see

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    I'll wait and see a few episodes before making judgement.

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    Good signs

    The “Better Call Saul” writers room is filling up with familiar faces.

    “Breaking Bad” alums Thomas Schnauz and Gennifer Hutchison have joined Peter Gould on the staff of the prequel series bound for AMC next year.

    Schnauz will serve as co-exec producer on the Sony Pictures TV series starring by Bob Odenkirk. Hutchison will be supervising producer.

    Schnauz was a co-exec producer on “Breaking Bad.” He earned an Emmy nom this year for penning the episode “Say My Name,” which he also directed. His other series credits include CW’s “Reaper” and Fox’s “The X-Files.”

    Hutchison rose through the ranks on “Breaking Bad,” serving as exec story editor in the final season. Among her writing credits on the show were the final-season seg “Confessions,” co-written with Gilligan.

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    Gilligan wants Jonathan Banks to reprise Mike

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    Jonathan Banks has joined Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul, AMC/Sony TV’s upcoming prequel to Emmy-winning Breaking Bad that centers on Odenkirk‘s unflappable criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. Banks will be a series regular on the show conceived by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad writer-producer Peter Gould. The prequel series, slated to debut on AMC in November, will chronicle the evolution of Saul before he ever became Walter White’s lawyer.

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    Oh they did get him, excellent. Gilligan mentioned that at the start of the month, there was no way Banks would say no. I imagine they'll be wanting to have a chat to Giancarlo Esposito as well...

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    This just makes the show 10X better.

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    Extra points if they can find a way to work Gus's Chilean backstory into the show.

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    I wonder what type of approach they will take with it?
    I just hope they dont try and make it to funny.

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    Yeah, the last thing we need is Bob Odenkirk being funny...

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