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    The OP is promoting his own video. Ban.

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    cryocore wrote:
    Man you're gonna lose ur **** when that guy does the thing, and as a result there's stuff and the other guy, and that chick mention the wotsit that harkens back to that other incident.
    Well **** you!

    You forgot to mention the big arse robots that use mind control to turn rabbits in to psycho killers. That got spoilt at

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    Just finished the episode. I think I need to lie down for a bit...

    (Was a great start to the season though)

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    Good to hear its lookin good.

    Saw it on the iOS App Store. Thought about getting it for iPad. Might just wait til all episodes are released.

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    Just played both episodes. Awesome just like the first season however I think I may wait until the whole season is out - playing the whole thing at once feels a lot better.


    Great to see Kenny again


    However I feel that I'm not quite as attached to the characters so I was in the previous season. There is no Clementine in this season if you know what I mean, nobody that you would go OMFGWTFBBQ if they killed off. Nobody that you seriously give a **** about except.. yourself.

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    Episode 3 my Clementine became a monster and I feel great about it.

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    It was a pretty strong episode.

    My Clementine was also a grown girl aka monster. Felt like the perfect character development.

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    just completed ep3,
    nothing gets to me like this game, by the end I was yelling out loud at my computer,

    so good

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    Eeeh I couldn't bring myself to watch carvers scene near the end

    Turns out I'm the minority ?!?

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    I watched, but started to regret the decision halfway through..


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    I wanted to see what he got, see if it deserved what he had done, wasnt disappointed but was shocked at the brutality.