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    Fixing broken hinge on asus laptop?

    I own a ASUS K53S Series Laptop that has just recently had its left hinge come loose and fallen off.
    Basically now what is holding the screen together is the wires connecting the screen and the hinge still intact on the right side.

    My laptop was bought in Australia, and well its actually out of warranty, this is my first experience when it comes to having an issue such as this.
    Hinge never broke off due to physical force or abuse, I guess it just worn itself out after nearly two years of use. I've read that replacing the hinge will cost me over $140 if I want it fixed.

    Is there any way I can fix this? The laptop is working but its a pain to have the screen detatched from the left side.

    Anyone experienced this before and found a solution without forking a large sum to fix it??

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    Depends how the hinge has come loose. Hinges are normally cheap ( but sometimes the hinges themselves are OK but have pulled the threads out of the screen/chassis.

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    Hinges are the worst part of a laptop to replace as it usually involves dismantling pretty much every part of the laptop. 140$ sounds pretty reasonable given the amount of time involved, the parts themselves are cheap, it is the labor which you will be stung for. There is a chance that the screw mounts have been pulled out of the chassis which will increase the cost of repair.

    If you can source the hinge yourself it looks like a fairly straight forward strip down to reach the hinges.
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    Generally it's the bolts that strip out the threads in the plastic. I've drilled through an replaced two hinges with m3 bolts. Much more sturdy, a lot of chiral laptops are made poorly.