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    Grab a foam gun from Detail Depot for the wash, and +1 for Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. Great stuff.

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    Maddmatt wrote:
    Meguires Ultimate Wax. Pricey but easy as s**t to apply and lasts for ages. Not sure I'd bother with polish on a white car but it depends how obessive you are I guess.
    The wax will give it a nice protective layer which will make it easier to keep clean.
    Fully agree - I always use the meguiars cutting compound and give it a gentle cutback about every 6 months to get rid of the bugs and tar and crap. Then i give it a good wash it with the carnauba wax pre-cleaner before applying the wax. I used to do 1 coat but i wipe off after an hour and do 2 coats now. I reckon it lasts twice as long if you do and it also ensures you dont miss any spots. Its fairly cheap to do it yourself if your only doing it twice a year - i usually buy it all from surface protection ( as their prices are usually the lowest and they have free freight too.

    PS: If you get wax on the plastics or rubber trims, an eraser works mint for getting it off!

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    ^ Holy thread necro Batman! You work for Meguiars huh?

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    How do you manage to get wax on your trim, that's what masking tape is for