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    Mac software

    Hey just have question for mac users. Would you say the pages and numbers software is a suitable replacement for microsoft word and excel? Or would i be better off buying office for mac? It'll be for a uni student doing uni related work.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Buy Office 365 University. It's a 4 year license for 2 machines (be it PC or Mac) and you will get any minor or major software updates within that 4 year term. When Office for Mac 2014 is released, it will be updated from Office for Mac 2011 for free. Also get additional SkyDrive and Skype stuff. $145 for a 4 year license ($37/year).

    Also check with your university as you might be able to get MS Office for free if they have volume/academic licensing with MS. As of December 2013, MS Office suite has been made available free to students if their educational provider has these licensing contracts.

    edit - buy it from MA or CL. It's even cheaper.

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    Why buy 365? Doesn't it stop working after 4 years? Or do you just keep whatever you have with no further updates?

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    It will stop working after 4 years if you do not renew but for $30/year, you get the full MS Office Pro suite with free version upgrades, more skydrive storage and free calling from skype.

    You can renew further 4 years just before you leave university so you got 8 years of latest and greatest version of MS Office Pro suite for NZ$240 for 8 years.

    Subscription model is cheaper and makes more sense as you are always up to date.

    and this is for 2 machines (2 PC or 2 MAC or 1PC and 1 MAC).