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    The Gameplanet Show - 14/02/2014

    Started playing Contrast Outlast on recommendation of this podcast. Gotta say, I'm loving it!

    When I entered the room mentioned in the podcast with the multiple dudes, I knew what was coming, didn't know which one but knew it was coming. It didn't stop the inevitable **** you that I dropped when it did.
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    Did Dan drop the mic (repeatedly)?
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    He was saying he sounded too loud last time so Matt probably edited him to death

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    Outlast is one of the more pure horror games I have played. Loved it. Like Dead Space 1, I think the tone is perfection, as is the execution of the jump scares.

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    Flatmate borrowed PS4 to play Outlast last night.

    Flatmate returned PS4 after first jump scare

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    nice weekly Podcasts team. keep up the brotastic work

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    NiNjA-Keeley wrote:
    nice weekly Podcasts team. keep up the brotastic work