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    Grim Fandango now has full mouse support!!!! Modders FTW!

    A genius modder has made a plug in for ResidualVM (GP thread) meaning that FINALLY we are able to play Grim Fandango as a Point and Click Adventure Game. I've had a play for an hour or so, and even in this early stage it seems to work perfectly.

    Windows version
    Mac Version

    Just overwrite the files in your ResidualVM directory and you're good to go

    * New controls *
    Left-click : Walk and use
    If you left-click on an object, it is used. If Manny
    is holding an inventory object, it is used on the scene object.
    Double-click : Run and use
    Same as single-click, except Manny will run to the object.
    Right-click : Look at / Use inventory object on its own
    Same as left-click, except Manny will look at an object instead
    of using it. If Manny is holding an inventory object, right-click
    will use it on its own (e.g. deck of cards, or fire extinguisher
    in Beaver Dam)
    Middle-click : Open Inventory
    (or I key) If Manny is holding an object, he will put it away.
    Left-click within the inventory selects an object, right-click
    will make Manny look at it.
    Space key : Show all hotspots in the scene
    Shift + Z : Toggle developer mode

    * Useful old controls *
    Alt+Enter : Toggle fullscreen mode
    Arrow keys : Control Manny the old fashioned way
    E,U,P,I : Examine, Use, Pickup, Inventory
    F1 : Menu (use arrow keys to navigate)
    Escape : Skip some cutscenes
    . : Skip dialogue lines
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    Scaramouche, Scaramouche

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    Damn it, now Im going to have that stuck in my head all day.

    Not sure how many people have played this brilliant game, but the controls were the only real negative anyone could level at it. The awful movement, and lack of point and click mechanics were extremely irritating to get to grips with. So this is a HUGE improvement, and I am planning on another reply this weekend.
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    sweet, ive always wanted to get into playing it, so now sounds like an awesome time to do that

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    Ah, memories. Awesome game. Haven't played it since I was young though.