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How will you prepare?

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Take emergency shelter.
22 9.65%
Leave town
30 13.16%
John Key
81 35.53%
76 33.33%
Get extra supplies. aka Beer.
61 26.75%
70 30.70%
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    Valeyard wrote:
    Poor bugger got hit by lightning in central auckland this morning.
    Nah, it’s journalism at its finest.
    “A woman was injured by a lightning strike in Māngere and was in a moderate condition”

    It struck nearby and she fainted and fell over.

    “The incident happened at Happy Campers campervan rental and the receptionist, Andy Carpentiei, said one of his colleagues fainted after a huge crash of thunder overhead. ”

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    Same as the one at the Hamilton school. Hit the goal posts near a building, 4 staff felt a bit weird afterwards.

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    Stay Safe Auckland. STORM on it's way.

    This was outside work. Knocked out phones and power. Roller door is dead.

    Edit: watch on max volume on big speakers or headphones for full effect

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    Where about in Silverdale was that? I was working in Dairy Flat absolutely chucked it down.

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    Spanked. wrote:
    Where about in Silverdale was that? I was working in Dairy Flat absolutely chucked it down.
    Down foundry road, was driving up through rescale about 10 minutes earlier and the lightning was going non stop

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    Some crazy lightning going down in Auckland tonight

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    Thunder is NUTS!

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    Aye whatbthinder?

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    Goddamn the weather in Tauranga right now is unreal.
    Literally spent the last hour and a half watching hundreds or lightning strikes.
    Seen dozens of massive forked lighting strikes hit the hills around us.
    Now its hailing.

    Waiting for the Martians to rise up out of the ground now ....shits intense.

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    hah yeah we're at the mount - it is insane. Best lightning Ive seen in my life, and my god the thunders loud

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    So much lightning and no rain or thunder (audible). Bloody awesome

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    Not a single bit of thunder or lightning on the shore

    Must be south of Auckland

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    We had a tonne of lighting in Albany, but not a single bit of thunder. Really weird.

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    mmd wrote:
    Thunder is NUTS!
    Hamilton is going off at the moment. I’m awake because the thunder is so loud (and the dogs keep going off at it!)

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    F this rain

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    Is it just me, or has there been a lot more thunderstorms lately? Could it possibly be that global warming is real?!? Tell me it ain't so!!!

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    All the more reason for Vector and the Auckland council to get off their lazy assess and put the power lines underground

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    Weather forecast is so bad lol. 80mm so far. Accumulative rainfall prediction was 15mm for the day.

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    Pouring down like mad

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    all g in da cbd

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    Looks like most NZers are in for a classic Kiwi Christmas... warm and moist.

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    Great christmas weather eh lol

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    It is blue sky and sunny here, with a light breeze - Garden City FTW.

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    Tuesday: Thunderstorm