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How will you prepare?

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Take emergency shelter.
21 9.25%
Leave town
29 12.78%
John Key
80 35.24%
76 33.48%
Get extra supplies. aka Beer.
60 26.43%
70 30.84%
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    Kog wrote:
    Tuesday: Thunderstorm

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    Auckland forecast says it's going to piss down the night before Christmas and then drizzle Xmas afternoon after a relatively dry morning.

    The pitch report for backyard cricket won't be great.

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    How about backyard mudball

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    SirGrim wrote:
    How about backyard mudball
    I don't know what that is but it sounds like a nightmare.

    With backyard cricket you need to be able to confidently duck under bouncers and leave seaming deliveries outside off stump, so you don't want any demons in grandma's backyard pitch. Maybe a bit of turn later in the afternoon to keep the spinners interested.

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    Quasi ELVIS wrote:
    The pitch report for backyard cricket won't be great.
    I was going to say it will be good for the Black Caps at least, as it is fine and sunny down here and forecast to stay that way till Boxing Day... so hopefully the evening showers that are forecast for then, stick to that.

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    Can this rain **** off please?

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    Going to wake up to some serious flooding reports tommorow I think

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    Yea this amount of continuous rain is unusual, why can't god send it all to africa where it is needed the most?

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    Rain has stopped...just wind now. The earth shall dry.

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    Gonna start raining again later

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    Hmm where the thunderstorm at?

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    Here comes that rain.

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    Valeyard wrote:
    Here comes that rain.
    Yup. Here it is.

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    Holy shit lol

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    Punishing grey clouds on the way to the shore holy sheeeit

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    Here we go again, And I have to drive in it all the way up north to Wangaparoa.

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    Cooking to the roasties on the bbq was interesting in that rain

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    being a while - Thunderstorms and tornadoes on the way

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    YAHOOOOOO !!! love a good storm !

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    Shieet, tornadoes coming 2pm

  21. Post

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    It's here.

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    hope no trees fall on the house

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    Storm is powerful enough to take out

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    Nice, just had a really loud strike near the work, whole building shook . Love thunderstorms