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    Old Demos + Movies

    Hey guys,

    I've uploaded all the old demos i have on my pc as i see people from time to time asking for demos
    there's also some really old 1.3 demos here

    wish my computer wasn't 6 years old then i could probably play some CS:GO (tried it but the frames were awful)
    anyway hopefully i'll pick up a new pc at the end of this year just got more priorities in life now
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    Holy **** you old **** Cease!

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    Also thank you
    Hopefully I can find some old demos of me in there! That's a huge collection.

    If anyone else has a huge collection can they upload as well?

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    Have done about 5 re-formats since I had any, didn't think to save any. Only had NCL matches for clowning and zEn! anyway

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    awesome. I haven't seen the reality movie in ages ago.

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    Wish I still had the HLTV demo of me getting banned by Ard for firing a para through Dust 2 A Floor

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    Great videos! So many memories. You wouldn't happen to have this old interview of SK.swe from ESWC 2004, would you? It's just called sk.wmv.

    Original post:
    Internet Archive link:

    I wish I had saved everything from the old CS days

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