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    Roll on PC release!

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    Hmm what's that about enemies not respawning after a certain number of run-throughs?

    ...that doesn't sound quite right. Hasn't happened to me in nearly 80 hours gameplay...and I've farmed the **** out of heeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaps of areas, and can confirm nobody has reported this activity on the wiki (by others who are similarly farming for certain items)...

    /edit Interesting Limit0. Must only be certain areas, as areas with farmable drops don't appear to have this mechanic.

    I suppose this mechanic would be in place to counter the effect of the new "soul memory".
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    Yup they dspawn after a while. My route to 3 Sentinels was completely clear by the time I downed them

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    Some enemies can stop spawning in that particular run after you defeat them multiple times, I've had it happen a few times. Say you're stuck on a particular boss and have to keep running to the mist wall but you kill every enemy on the way.... those enemies will stop re-spawning eventually.

    Weird that you didn't experience it in that amount of playing!

    You can get them to come back in that run though by burning a Bonfire Ascetic in the area you want them back in.

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    Ah ^ explains the use of the ascetic a little more.

    TBH I'm most concerned with soul memory match-making