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    Watch video...

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    Still looks like a po-faced version of Borderlands. So ho-hum.

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    It does look quite similar.

    Combat looks more fluid to me, however, and I imagine it'll have more emphasis on a wider range of player abilities than Borderlands

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    Like Halo armour lock, or Halo cloak, or Halo holoduke, or Halo jet pack, or Halo bubble shield.

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    Well that was ... underwhelming.

    I'll give the beta a go before I write it off though. Since all the gameplay footage we've seen so far has been from people playing it on easy mode (I hope) with low sensitivity. Also couldn't tell if Peter Dinklage was an in game character at first or if they were doing more s****y commentary like with the E3 gameplay.

    Also hope PvP/competitive isn't balls.

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    Oh well. Was expecting a bit more I guess.

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    I reckon it's looking really good, it has the kind of fluid gunplay that Borderlands could never really achieve due to the number-based bullet-sponge nature of the combat, along with a really nice art style (was never a fan of cell-shaded shenanigans) and seems like it could work not only as that type of RPG/MMO styled game but as a traditional MP shooter at the same time.

    I mean we'll see what it's really like in the beta, I guess.

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    looks ok, plays ok,. Depending on the model they go for, f2p or sub, i was not expecting anything better than Borderlands