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    Tormenta wrote:
    Lame. It should be a law, jury service leave, otherwise you get the unemployed, students and pensioners sitting on juries all the time with the gainfully employed trying to get out of it.
    Which is what was happening until recently when they stopped accepting peoples requests to be excused. It's especially lame for the likes of me, because our company closes for four weeks over summer, so even if I get it referred to a different date I'm still out of pocket as it will be unpaid leave. Doesn't make for an impartial participant to be honest.

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    Never been asked. Somewhat keen to see how it goes.

    Would like to do it once just to say I've done it.

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    The quality of NZ jurors has never been higher. Who can forget the juror on the David Bain trial storming out of the court and high fiving Bain after the verdict. I'm sure that guy carefully looked at all the evidence and came to a non-biased conclusion.

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    Just got a letter back today saying I've been excused. I had sent them, a copy of the already sent school letter, a letter from myself and a "1 page per month" copy of my schedule for the next 2 years.

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    Stop trying to avoid your civic duties you lazy ungreatful ****s.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to send a letter to the courts claiming that I'm a police officer now and can't legally sit on juries.