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    Sin and regret and failure and narcissism and self-loathing.

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    I absolutely loved season 1 ( but it did start a bit slow) I'm taking my time with season 2 as I'm out of antidepressants.

    For now, finishing season 1 of R & M

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    So happy this is back. One of my fave shows of last year.

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    Knocked off season 3 yesterday.
    I have no idea how I enjoy this show so much. It's 80% crushing despair, and I love it.

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    Todd finding the secret ending to The Sopranos

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    I love the flashback episodes. Probably my favourite 'serious' show at the moment. It has much more emotional depth than most other cable shows at the moment (bar The Americans).

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    The underwater episode was brilliant!

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    "It's so sad that when you see someone as they really are, it ruins them."

    Candice Bergen as the LA Gazette veep was canny casting.

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    "A sex mommy who also keeps her boundaries, is that too much to ask?"

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    Welp, the back half of this season kicked my ass.

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    Its odd how an animated tv series about a talking horse happens to be one of the most human shows I've seen.

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    Binged season 4 today. Was brilliant. Every scene is packed tight with clever visual gags, puns, and that trademark blend of satire and emotion. A really satisfying narrative arc for Bojack and his family too.

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    Yep, Season 4 is absolutely amazing. Great character arcs, and some really moving episodes in amongst being one of the funniest shows around.

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    No update for the new season?

    Who's watched it? I think i'm about 10 episodes in. Some really good episodes.

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    I watched it immediately. It's my favourite show of all time.

    Great as always. Pretty ****ed up. The monologue episode was amazing. It really reminded me of an episode of Louis CK's show Horace and Pete.

    I'm hoping it gets one more season and that they already know how they're going to end the show. It feels like it's got enough life in it for one more, but past that I'm not sure.

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    How does this keep being so excellent?

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    I loved how meta this season was, the shitting on some types of fans was hilarious too. I do wonder how long they can keep this up tho.

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    Sad it's the final season, but feels about the right time. The first ep was pretty dark...

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    Apparently Jacinda gets a mention this season?