No Man's Sky

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    No Man's Sky

    2013 Trailer

    Releases for PS4 + PC

    edit: title fail should be No Man's Sky
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    Chat with Sean Murray

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    Looks awesome. I just hope they can pull off the procedural thing properly with a lot of variation in the landscape and stuff as opposed to recycling environments the whole time. I guess there's only so much 'random' they can use?

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    What is No Man's Sky? (im watching this now as posting)

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    Jordan NZ wrote:
    Looks awesome. I just hope they can pull off the procedural thing properly with a lot of variation in the landscape and stuff as opposed to recycling environments the whole time. I guess there's only so much 'random' they can use?
    I'm wondering what the purpose will be other than discovery.. doesn't sound like much outside of exploration and stumbling upon AI's battling over freighters and things.. but it's early days yet.

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    This game was a surprise for me. and i must admit it does look like it could turn out to be a good game. I've heard somewhere that it could be coming to Xbone as well. Does anyone know anything about this??

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    I'm sure it's multiplatform
    It's currently PS4 exclusive, with the possibility of other platforms. PC is more likely to happen than X1.
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    KrimzinZV wrote:
    I'm sure it's multiplatform
    Yeah thats what ive heard, but there hasnt been much information on any other platforms besides PS & PC. Hoping it comes to Xbone.

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    Wondering how much access you get per planet. Like you drop in on a planet, surely the whole thing isn't open, you'd be confined to a defined area?

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    looks cool from the demo, and I'm very excited.

    But the last game the promised an entire universe of procedurally generated coolness that had a lot of hype was Spore, and we all know how mediocre that turned out to be.

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    Yup there's every chance the hype and imagination can overshadow what this small team actually is capable of achieving.

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    Adam Boyes said during the PS E3 presser when he announced it that it will be making it's "Console Debut" on the PS4.

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    If anyone is interested the tune from the e3 trailer is called debutante by 65daysofstatic. Found the whole album on 7digital for $1.50!

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    Trailer 3

    Great interview:

    Just some highlights I found interesting:

    Planets will vary in size, with Murray describing some as “earthlike” in scale, requiring “an awfully long time” to make a dent in everything there is to see.

    By looking further afield you’ll be rewarded with things such as the ability to upgrade your ship,

    while Murray says there’s no traditional multiplayer lobby, you will interact with other human players within the game: “Think about Journey or Dark Souls. I never felt like anyone was impacting on my game in any major way but I knew I wasn’t alone in there and that made it a lot more enjoyable.”

    what you do within the game can affect the experience for others: “Say you land on a planet and shoot a bird, the next time you visit its carcass won’t still be on the ground. But if you visit a planet and wipe out all of the birds on it then you’ve significantly altered it and that planet will be like that for everyone.”

    But isn’t there still a risk that latecomers will have nothing new to discover? Murray doesn’t think so: "To question the size of the game means you haven’t grasped the full scale of the universe. Yes, everyone will start in the same galaxy but there’s way more to the universe than just that one.”

    There’s also no due date, although the team has been unwittingly steered towards a 2014 release.

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    This title has me more excited than all the big budget titles I saw from E3. This game can't come soon enough in my opinion.

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    Reminds me of Starglider 2 on Amiga 500 with the space combat and planet exploration and overall weird **** like whales flying in space.

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    Loving this

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    Holy crap each planet is to scale.

    "If we drop 1 million players on just one planet you are still going to be a massive distance apart"

    I can't wait for the #ps4share shots as people play. It needs its own auto-populated hashtag for sharing pics.

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    I just wish the planets had gravity so your actually orbiting planets/suns in space, like Kerbal Space Program but with unlimited fuel (almost) & warp drives. But good nonetheless, exploring big planets in naming stuff before anybody else & big space battles.

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    Turns out this is a timed exclusive and its coming to pc once the exclusivity is up.

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    someone has scanned this info from Edge, see it here - I dont have time to read but cliffs copy / pasted from gamefaqs

    -Offline mode
    -Call your ship over feature
    -Ships will degrade as time passes
    -Ships will have upgrades
    -Resources are from a periodic table(fictional)
    -Most planets only have one resources on them
    -Resources can be combined to sell for higher prices
    -Grenade-like plasma balls
    -Extensive terrain deformation
    -PC version confirmed but will come out later
    -Traditional multiplayer will be added later
    -Ground vehicles will be added later

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    Price was briefly up (by error I assume - dated for release 3/3)

    $59.99 USD

    Since been taken down. The date might get changed, but the price sounds about right. Probably $90 - $100 NZD?

    Still interested in the game, but of the trailers and walkthroughs I've been following over the last year-and-a-half, asides from OMGMATHSALGORYTHEMSGEOMETERYPROCEDURALHYPE there's not really been any other substantial additions to the core experience. Yes, it's still big, it's still procedural, it's still clever, it's probably very nice exploring, but that's about it. I mean I didn't expect anything else from it, and it never talked itself up to be anything other than that, but maybe the initial trailers at the PS4 reveal were a tad early? Feels a bit stale now, personally, speaking as someone that was really looking forward to delving into the game. Perhaps there are enough other games available or coming soon that this just doesn't strike the same chord with me now.

    This is the most recent trailer

    (can a mod plz change Mans to Man's in the title, this typo still wakes me up at night)

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    This looks pretty cool!
    Forgot i was a mod for a minute lol.Changed the title for you dude