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    Privoxy wrote:
    Seriously? We've dropped contractors who insist on using blues at work because they think it makes them better devs.
    Anyone who uses a mechanical keyboard in the office needs to be dropped

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    Some are too obnoxiously loud. Especially in an office/flatting situation

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    Imagine an office where you bring your own keyboard.

    I enjoy the short keystrokes of a laptop/tablet when I'm working.

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    what switches are quiet enough for an office?

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    Reds , Topre switches are really quiet as well especially with soft pads for the keys.

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    MSI GTX 1060 6GB OC V2 - $278 @MightyApe

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    nzbleach wrote:
    what switches are quiet enough for an office?
    I use browns, was expecting them to be louder than the standard keyboard around here but they're about the same and the kb doesn't have the 'stopped typing rattle' that the generic logitech boards have.

    If it was any louder though i'd just bite the bullet and use whatever was given.

    Weirdly, even though my kb at home uses browns too, the durgod taurus is a lot quieter. KB at home is a Logitech G610 Orion Brown.

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    MX Cherry Blue master race @ work. But I got given it when I started, wasn't my choice.

    I certainly don't recommend it for the office, it's pretty noisy when I'm copying and pasting from StackOverflow.

    Would recommend Brown or Black; Brown if you want the bump, Black if you want linear.

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    Browns here

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    mouwen wrote:
    MSI GTX 1060 6GB OC V2 - $278 @MightyApe
    damn nice, that's a good deal, have snagged

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    mx clears for life!

    I have two of these:

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    Our mech guy at work running his full rgb steelseries setup. Mouse keyboard and mouse pad.... itís like a disco

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    mouwen wrote:
    MSI GTX 1060 6GB OC V2 - $278 @MightyApe

    You can also get the RX 480 8GB from Amazon close to the same price to save anyone from panic buying.

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    Really like the G512 romer-g tactile, more than the brown's I had ony my Code. Brown's are extremely light, g512 is perfect for me. Feel way more accurate typing on this. Clears were too stiff for me.

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    And here I am with a cheap compact wireless keyboard...

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    I use a Logitech K800 (backlit, wireless with membrane keys). I haven't bothered to go backwards to mechanical keys, though admittedly my job doesn't involve a lot of typing.

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    im using logitech g15 from like 14 years ago

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    Mines a Logitech k230 with Spanish keys so the layout is a bit screwed for somethings. It's what I bought for a replacement while I was in Mexico and haven't been bothered to change it since. I care about a good mouse over a keyboard for my use.

    Also video card/ram/storage prices are dropping and bitcoins going up. Last year this was the opposite. Do you guys think the rise of crypto prices will affect prices with maybe miners jumping on the bandwagon once again?

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    thought mining with gpu were inefficient now, or maybe just for bicoin

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    So where is best place to get clearance tech products in Auckland? Is there any outlet stores

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    popopop wrote:
    thought mining with gpu were inefficient now, or maybe just for bicoin
    GPU mining is only good for new coins before they become valuable enough to develop dedicated devices like ASICs, and until they're commercially available.

    Dedicated devices are just better at doing it for less power, but GPUs can jump in anytime, anywhere.

    So GPU mining requires a constant flow of new coins that can attract people to invest in them with the assumption they'll be able to sucker someone down the line into buying them expecting value.

    Bitcoin going up won't attract GPU miners because it's too difficult for them to get any sort of return.

    So rise in worthless tokens won't affect GPU prices unless A) Shitcoins grow in value or B) New coins come out with another becoming the next big thing (like Ethereum was).

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    Great deal, the new design is fantastic and just look how big the subwoofer is - 30 inches of pure baaaaasssssssss

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    Ha no dirty bass.

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    maybe the sound will be clean and pure?