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    HELL KNIGHT wrote:
    Well they are definitely a big upgrade over my trusty old Sennheiser HD 598's, which I thought sounded pretty good, till I got these (and broke them in).
    Do you use them for games? have heard pretty bad things about the soundstage on them, I've recently got some DT990 pros for which are great, but miss the comfort of my sennheisers

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    I play Overwatch and PUBG with them and haven't had any problem with them. I can't be arsed changing between headphones for a slightly better soundstage, these are also clearer to make up for that somewhat.

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    Fair Enough, only one way to find out I guess, just ordered a pair

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    Worse case, you'll have some reference quality music headphones for half price. I'd give them a 50 hour burn in before judging them

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    For sure, what amp do you run yours on?

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    Just off the headphone amp on my ASUS Xonar ST sound card, which has more than enough power to drive them and off my home theatre amp.

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    I'm looking for any deals on mid range GPU's around $300 or less.

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    Only thing you are going to get new around that price is something like a 1050TI. I'd advise getting a 1060 which you can get for around $360-380.

    GPU's aren't cheap these days, $300 doesn't buy you a lot.

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    For my brothers PC. All good will keep an eye out on TM and b/s/t

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    Miners have screwed the GPU market.

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    Huskie wrote:
    The Brother multifunction laser printers aren't badly priced right now. WHS 'sale' + $150 cashback on the MFC9340 ($420+CB) and MFC9410 ($350+CB). Not sure what sort of printer you were after though. All the inkjet and printer only lasers ended on sept 30th

    I bought one the 9340 - needed one quick and will still be worth it given how much I spend on cartridges when there's no cheap printers to buy.
    yeah I only need it to do printing really, scanning would be handy too, i saw a $23.40 deal at jb hi-fi but they ran out of stock

    So still looking for a Printer if anyone has any knowledge of good deals?

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    ErAd wrote:
    Miners have screwed the GPU market.
    GPU market was a joke long before demand ramped up, and demand is coming from all over the place not just miners.

    Memory is one of the biggest issues, and that's affecting a LOT of electronics.

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    Damn always wondered why gpu prices haven't gone down in the longest time.

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    Bought a GTX 1050TI 4GB for $200 for my brother. Hopefully its going to be great for 1080P med/high on modern titles.

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    nzbleach wrote:
    Bought a GTX 1050TI 4GB for $200 for my brother. Hopefully its going to be great for 1080P med/high on modern titles.
    Depends on he title I guess. Ghost Recon needs a 1070 to run on high lol.

    And yeah GPU prices probably aren't going to improve. Smartphones are chewing up heaps of the DDR4 supply and when we move to DDR5 it is anticipated supply could be even worse.

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    Sony WH-1000MX2 for $420

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    defiant wrote:
    Noel is doing the MDR1000XB for $403, wish Sony dropped them for under $400