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    Amazon Digital purchases - READ THIS before entering the Good Deals thread.

    To be used in conjunction with the ‘Good Deals' thread.

    More often than not there are deals posted in there for Amazon. Amazon’s distribution contract allows the sale of these keys to US ‘residents’ only. That doesn’t mean you have to live over there, just have a US ‘billing’ address. There are 2 ways this is done; either:

    A) Make up some US address and add that your profile, or,
    B) Get a Youshop address.

    Before you go down the path of making up an address, you need to know a couple of things. Basically, not all States are the same, most have a Sales Tax (GST if you will) added after purchase, where as a few (about 5 or 6 from memory) don’t. So if you are going to make up an address, google US Sales Tax free states before you start. The 2nd thing to remember, is that sometime physical goods are not allowed to be shipped out of the US either, so the US address you have listed may get your purchase instead of you. Youshop however, has it’s depot in Oregon, which coincidentally, is a Sales Tax free state.

    First open in your browser (if required) these two links:
    Amazon sign up

    With the tabs open, go through and fill them out, I would start with the Youshop one first. This will then give you a US address. This US address is needed to purchase Digital Content through Amazon. This Digital Content cannot be purchased by an international address!

    Now that you have your US address, go to Amazon and sign up there. Once you have set up your Amazon account, go in to My Account, and enter your Youshop address. This just needs to be loaded to your account, and it doesn't need to be your default address. You will however, need to select it as your billing option at time of purchase. Again, it is worth noting, that you don’t have to have a Youshop address for this part, any made up US address will work.

    As with all online purchases the purchase (especially if it's your first purchase) Amazon will probably ping your entered Credit Card/Debit Card; to make sure it's a legitimate card. I would suggest for your first purchase, pre-ordering something to get sent to your correct NZ address, such as a pre-order 3rd party console game. When you do this Amazon will ping the card for a dollar to make sure everything matches up, they don't bank the dollar, so it doesn't cost you anything and the pre-order can be cancelled easily via the transaction's pre-order page with no penalty. After this has been done, you can now make that digital purchase using your US address fine. Sometimes however, they may ping your card again as a security measure. So you may need to go down the pre-order route again, or as Chunky suggests below, buying Amazon credit using your NZ card then using that to make the digital purchase. I personally have never had any issues however.

    Congrats, you’ve just saved a great big wedge of cash, for the sake of a few minutes set up time.

    This is edit 1. I will go through and add to it when I have a bit more time and add screen shots. In the mean time, if you have any questions, please ask below.

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    Can this be stickied?

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    I thought this was already common knowledge?

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    Haisley wrote:
    I thought this was already common knowledge?
    Evidently not, given that people keep asking how to do it.

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    How to make an Amazon Digital Purchase.

    Apparently not.

    Every week we get the same question in the good deal thread. So I figured a quick linkable guide that could be stickied independently would be handy.

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    Title should be something like "Amazon Digital purchases - READ THIS before entering the Good Deals thread"

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    Actually great idea! Alas I can't change. Mods!


    Ooh, we can change our thread titles now!

    edit 2. nope.avi. Just the 'subtitle' can be changed.

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    or just add it to the OP of good deals thread :P

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    How many people still look at that OP though?

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    Needs to be stickied or put at the top of the Good Deal thread

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    Also for those who have an issue when amazon occasionally does check the billing address is accurate(vs the card details) use your NZ card to buy/send amazon credit to your account then when you make the purchase you don't have to use a card at all.

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    Good point Chunky, I'll add that in to my OP.

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    It's now on the first page of the Good Deal thread

    I didn't want to edit OP because Huyi. But it's obvious enough to point users to the first page if they are having trouble.

    No need for thread sticky.

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    thank you very much for this!!

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    DumKopf wrote:
    It's now on the first page of the Good Deal thread

    I didn't want to edit OP because Huyi. But it's obvious enough to point users to the first page if they are having trouble.

    No need for thread sticky.
    "Read the OP" is nice quick way to sort any queries.

    That reminds me...think I have some Amazon Digi purchases unclaimed, good times.