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    open discussion thread

    ITT we discuss things openly without resorting to name calling against people who express different views on topics

    whoops nvm GaR forums

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    reb u r a penor

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    ur mum is

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    Generally Pretty Oppressed Discussions.

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    moistturtle u r a penor

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    jMuzz wrote:
    moistturtle u r a penor
    yeh but ur mum does

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    When it's cold and I go pee and I'm watching the steam come off of it, I think about whether breathing in the steam is inhaling piss vapour.

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    proctor and gar

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    lol. keep your turtle moisted

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    i wonder what reason GaR cited for banning

    "h-he disagreed with m-me"

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    why did conebeast get suspended?

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    i dont know. if that helps.

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    I think the offending posts were deleted

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    The worlds most pedantic man + mod status.

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    TemptedNZ wrote:
    The worlds most pedantic man + mod status.
    lols ensue.

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    children, children everywhere

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    [deterioration forums]
    I am wearing glasses for the first time and GP is in HD now with solid lines and deepest blacks

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    JMuzz should stick to lurking

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    Is nitrogen a toxin or what?

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    inb4 KevinL'd

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    i like how everyone does their best to piss off the moderators then cry when they do their job, proctor is a **** poster that only exists on here to wind people up and create arguments, regardless of the reasoning why gar removed him the forums are better off without him

    and KevinL is just doing what he thinks is right, this place isnt a democracy and moderators have to use their discretion regularly, sometimes they get it wrong, boo ****ing hoo, creating a thread for everyone to whinge and nitpick at it isnt going to solve anything

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    wait, what have I done now?

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    It's easy not to get banned, so obviously people who keep failing have a problem

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    KevinL wrote:
    wait, what have I done now?
    You put your cup in the sink instead of rinsing it and leaving it on the bench. Come on man, we're not savages.