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    Pink Floyd to release new album "The Endless River"

    Polly Samson, the wife of guitarist David Gilmour, tweeted Saturday that the band will release a new album, “The Endless River,” based on 1994 sessions.

    Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called "The Endless River". Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright's swansong and very beautiful.—
    Polly Samson (@PollySamson) July 05, 2014

    Long-time Pink Floyd touring vocalist Durga McBroom-Hudson contributed to the rumors with a Facebook post on Saturday as well.


    Pink Floyd’s label, Warner Bros., however, has not yet confirmed Samson’s tweet or responded to a request for statement.

    Gilmour is currently also working on a solo album. Keyboardist Rick Wright died in 2008 at the age of 65 of cancer.

    There’s been no word on if bassist and singer Roger Waters will appear on the album. Waters left the band in 1985 due to creative differences, though has since appeared with Pink Floyd for several performances.

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    Looking forward to this!

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    I hope it's not too wishy-washy like some of Gilmour's solo stuff. It's cool that Rick Wright stuff will be on it. I think he was a big part of their psychedelic edge.

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    Nov 10

    According to a new interview in Uncut (via SteveHoffman.TV), the album has a release date of November 10th. David Gilmour and Nick Mason began the recording process in November 2013 and spent 30 days overdubbing guitars and recording drums. Roxy Music guitarist and producer Phil Manzanera was also heavily involved in the creative process.

    Update: Pink Floyd’s website has revealed the album’s artwork (above) and tracklist (below). Spanning 18 tracks, the album will be available on standard CD, double vinyl, and as a deluxe box set that includes 39-minutes of extra material. Pre-orders are now ongoing.

    Of particular note is the inclusion of original organ recordings from Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright, taken from rehearsals dating back to June 1969.

    The duo also clarified some of the ongoing rumors, namely that the material draws heavily from Gilmour’s unreleased experimental album, The Big Spliff. According to Uncut, the album is not at all based on The Big Spliff and incorporates only a few seconds from the original project. It also does not contain any material “The Soundscape”, the instrumental track originally released on the band’s 1995 Pulse Cassette.

    Rather, The Endless River contains four different pieces on each side of the record, which focus on the “more atmospheric and digressive aspects of Pink Floyd and includes snippets of conversation.” One song, “Louder Than Words”, contains lyrics embracing the full history of the band. Gilmour sings: “We bitch and we fight // But this thing that we do // It’s louder than words // The sum of our parts // The beat of our hearts/ It’s louder than words.”

    The Endless River Tracklist:
    01. Things Left Unsaid
    02. It’s What We Do
    03. Ebb And Flow
    04. Sum
    05. Skins
    06. Unsung
    07. Anisina
    08. The Lost Art of Conversation
    09. On Noodle Street
    10. Night Light
    11. Allons-y (1)
    12. Autumn’68
    13. Allons-y (2)
    14. Talkin’ Hawkin’
    15. Calling
    16. Eyes To Pearls
    17. Surfacing
    18. Louder Than Words

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    I'm not sure how excited I should be for this. I want to believe..

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    Really interested in the sound quality of it, plus I might even like a song.
    It better sound like "Hey You!" (Remaster) 3:50 onwards is such an epic piece of music
    rolling drums and singing tweeters!

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    I'm a big fan of gilmours solo stuff so i have confidence they will deliver on this..if not meh its floyds first album in 20 years its gonna be epic.

    This some sh*t

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    Teaser, So i hear it's going to be mostly instrumental stuff with a bit of singing thrown in.

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    I'm getting into pink floyd and I'm psyched