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    The video says ONLY ON XBOX ONE.. HMMmm

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    PRiME wrote:
    The video says ONLY ON XBOX ONE.. HMMmm
    That's referring to early access to the open beta and DLC, they've obviously got some kind of tie-up with Xbox. But the game is coming to PC and PS4 as well.

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    It feels like this asshole is trying to sell this game

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    can i play as cynico?

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    Cynico wrote:
    It feels like this asshole is trying to sell this game
    I'm clearly recommending it based on what I've played so far. You can use that information however you like.

    Please avoid making personal attacks in the future. Thanks.
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    I like the term 'water cooler moments'. I play plenty of multiplayer these days but not a broad range of games, the ones I do play don't leave me with big whoa or dynamic moments that get me raving. I just don't feel like matches, again from my limited scope, tempt or excite me anywhere outside of 'gosh that was a close match'. This might show promise.

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    I like the reference to Jurassic Park 2

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    Your 10 years too late if you think this type of game is new. See Aliens Vs Predator as 1 of many examples.

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    I find these games are a laugh when you are mucking about with friends and have a voice chat server going. However online with randoms, people tend to be less team orientated and more competitive, the social side of it falls apart and the game quickly becomes tiring. I doubt my mates are all going to be paying $60 for a multiplayer only game like this and it's not exactly like the niche doesn't already exist, see The Hidden: Source or any number of Garry's Mod game modes.

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    I dunno if this will have the longevity that people are hoping for. It may end up as the next Titanfall - largely dead after ~2-3 months in the pub scene.

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    At the price that they are charging no thanks. If it was $29.95 then I would purchase it.

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    Could be some tasty extras built on between Alpha and release.. But as that mildly funny Worth a Buy man reckons, probably not.

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    Helms Deep mod for this game will be epic.