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    I bet Roumelio has his arms crossed right now

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    I'm thinking of having my arms crossed for me in a coffin right now. You've got no idea what this is nor do you care so naff off...

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    By odin's scrotum I hope you are seeing a mental health professional.

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    You're not the first poster who has needed a break from this place for the sake of their own mental health Roumelio. From what I have read of your interactions on here of late, I suggest it is in your best interest to take one now.

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    Burn down house because you were dodgy in the kitchen and get a new one. Winning.

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    I see they changed the picture in the article, must have looked too Terroristy in that one.

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    I dont want to take anything away from the recent horrific events in Chch, but this is worth mentioning - what an atrocity;

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    30c? Some people are pathetic.

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    False advertising kappa

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    Gerter wrote:
    30c? Some people are pathetic.
    whoever got the police involved was the pathetic one.

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    Well BK asked him to leave the premises and he wouldn't, so they called cops to remove him.

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    sounds like he blocked up the drivethru line until he got his way or police showed up - massive ****, no sympathy here.

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    Lol all over 30cents.