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    Is there a legal requirement for news articles to have angry people crossing arms?

    Case in point. Didn't get legal advice, didn't consult a builder to go over the plans, didn't do her research, then whines to the media.

    "Ok, love, now stand outside with your arms crossed and look disgruntled."

    (the pillar is kinda LOL though)

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    First word there is a mistake ... although anew is a word, I don't think it fits there.

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    Um, of course there is.

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    That is pretty **** though. Looks like an architect designed a building, engineer came along and said "you need pillars here to make this possible" and they just went "ok then!" instead of redesigning.

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    I thought it was the name of the apartment block, but it could just be shoddy editing.

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    It's an expression of how the woman is feeling. I'm a bit of a body language buff.

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    It looks as though the plans were altered for structural afterwards.

    My guess is that it was an amendment/alteration plan and noobs without building plan knowledge would not have seen/understood the change or drawing.

    This building is near me, and it's pretty terrible overall. 1/10 would not occupy.

    E: Basically what denk said, but with more criticism of the terrible design.

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    That looks familiar

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    Is her name really pie eater ?

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    I don't know but she's a giant, she's almost as tall as the building

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    I haven't read the article, but the pillar is probably there incase she goes upstairs.

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    That pillar is ugly as **** and I too would be mad, but would also do my due diligence, kinda has her self to blame.

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    She is the only person at blame here. If buying off the plan you should always consult a builder or atleast a property law expert. Also most off the plan contracts include clauses allowing alterations to plans.

    Noob property investor got owned. She also should have asked MoistTurtles expert opinion

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    Mrs Collins said plans provided after the contract was signed last year showed no sign of the pillars.
    So she not only didn't get the plans checked by someone who knows something, she didn't actually get any plans until after she signed the contract?

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    I found a couple more disappointed citizens folding their arms in disappointment

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    I guess Joe Bloggs newspaper reader can't really understand the concept of disappointment without seeing some folded arms

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    Sounds like terrible planning, double bedrooms become singles because of pillars taking up too much space?

    A Hong Kong-style apartment tower destined for New Lynn, west Auckland, has received the go-ahead

    Len Brown says more than half the 110 apartments have already been sold off the plans.
    55sqm and 70sqm apartments for 250-360k.

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    Are they structural columns or conduits for pipes etc? My partner has just been working on a job to remedy a building where they were too greedy/noobish and forgot to include room for conduits, now the stud is super low hahahaha

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    Its all in the Media Depiction of Disgruntlement Act 1995.

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    Mrs Collins said she was inspired to buy the apartments, which cost a combined $570,000, after watching Mayor Len Brown talking about the suburb's renewal on television last year.

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    Her top priority should be calling Jenny Craig.

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    First time architect maybe? Visiting architect drew up some plans on a napkin and gave it to the engineer to interpret?

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    Judging by her body language, I'd say that she's fat.

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    Yes just like there's a legal requirement for TV news to have a middle manager walking up to his receptionist to show her a document before cutting to his interview.