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    voy1dnz wrote:
    Edmonton are going to Edmonton (even if it is pre season.)

    Vancouver take a penalty, Edmonton go on the power play. Burrows chases the puck into the corner, 4 Oilers chase him.

    I'll just leave this here...

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    Florida haven't won a single preseason game. I don't know if they have been starting all the new guys they aquired over summer but damn

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    Brad Machand in mid season form


    Flicking a puck into Helm's face after the whistle has gone.

    Lightning @ Panthers Preseason game.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    voy1dnz wrote:
    Because the NHL are idiots.

    I managed to watch the first Canucks @ Oilers game, the question is whether I can watch todays game.
    Ugh, from a quick look it looks like the only way to watch pre-season games is from low-bitrate flash player sites. I can't go back there, man!

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    Bring it on!

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    Am excite!!11

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    Fantastic work from the boys in teal. Tommy picking up from last season.

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    I thought this was a joke when I first read it... Almost as bad as the attendance in FLA
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    Finally got a W three games in. Feels good.

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    Buffalo tanking for McDavid, Florida tanking to move to Quebec... however Carolina will get nothing

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    So, how is this embellishment again?

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    cool the Kings put hashtags on their SC rings

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    Love the retro pens sweaters!

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    lol early in the season but **** me this team is playing crap!
    Rangers with five shots and eight attempts in first 28 minutes. #Notgood
    What are chances there'd be two 5-minute PPs in a game with Matt Cooke in it, and he'd have neither?
    and my fav (so far)
    More than halfway through, NYR have five shots. They could put McEnroe in goal and he'd have a shutout so far.

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    Well they stole that one. 5 in the 3rd period to win it

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    Six straight (all at home too)

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    Also you niqqas should add me on NHL 15 - BrockaLeee

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    Jordan Nolan is an utter piece of ****

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    How do you get GameCenter Live to display without black bars now? Before you could get a 'pop out' window that would do it but it doesn't work this time. So annoying

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    Anyone see the vid of Richie McCaw shooting some pucks at intermission in Chicago?

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    Soui wrote:
    Anyone see the vid of Richie McCaw shooting some pucks at intermission in Chicago?
    He didn't even lift the puck

    Thought the Mrs would have coached him a bit better.

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    Bad call refs, bad call.

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    voy1dnz wrote:
    Bad call refs, bad call.
    oh ffs that's one of the worst I've seen outside of Montreal.

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    ^They do what they can to take the Wings down a peg. ****ers. Oh well, the result went the right way in the end.

    Just wanted to leave this here for Wells. I always though he was more of a Robbin than a Batman
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    Soui wrote:
    Anyone see the vid of Richie McCaw shooting some pucks at intermission in Chicago?
    Yeah, they called him Richie McCan before the intermission