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    cs:go duplicate gun skins

    Gimme gimme gimme. I am just starting out again and i have been enjoying it so much! defs brings back memories ! (gimme gimme gimme) was a stretch. what i meant to say was may i please i will even pay/gift you steam games for dope ones non duplicate ily!

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    - the bk appreciates

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    I have a great story how I have got TOP items in a few spins… You know best things arriving usually spontaneously and unexpected! This way was that day!
    I'm hunting for a long time such items as Dragon Lore, Shadow Daggers Crimson Web, AUG Akihabara Accept and other great skins. I've opened many cases on different sites including steam but there was nothing rank…
    And that evening I was scrolling my facebook news and saw ads of this site, clicked it and decided to make several openings… I made a deposit at $80 and from the first attempt dropped AK-47 Hydroponic Well-Worn that costs about $35!!!
    Great start!
    I've spinned two or three times more but there dropped nothing special… And then began some unimaginable magic with another box.
    First and foremost I've caught AK-47 Hydroponic Well-Worn that I decided to keep for myself and then after a couple of drop I've got the miracle… AWP Medusa Well-Worn!!! Can you imagine that? I sold it for $480 on steam and I'm the happy man… After that I've made none a spin not to flush the fortune and still have money on the balance. So that was my beautiful item-spin-story and if you want we can change some skins I still have.

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    Awesome I'm going to try it now

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