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    jords wrote:
    Picked up Lost Sphear for $9.97
    Nice! I grabbed it from EB when they had it for $4

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    XSpike wrote:
    Been waiting for this game for quite some time, the old demo is good.

    For me, the character art doesn't work at all with the environment. They seem both disjointed.

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    XSpike wrote:
    G3 does look good haven't played it, PS4P can't handle Grandia 1-2 at 4K lies I say it could easily do Grandia 3.
    I think you misread the article. The expectations of the devs is that people would expect a PS4 Pro port to be a fully blown 4K remaster, i.e. not a straight port. They believe the cost to benefit ratio of doing "4K remasters" wouldn't be worth it. They don't need to do all new assets, (or going back and tracking down the original uncompressed assets made all those years ago) just do straight ports with the original assets straight from the PS1/Saturn/DC/PS2/etc versions would suffice and most people would be fine with that (if priced reasonably enough. I.e. not $40-60 USD like many over-priced Switch ports of pretty old games).