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    jaygee wrote:
    Yeah, because people who do vote are so classy. Clearly even if the result were the same the country would still be magically better if everyone voted.
    It would be more representative, which is kind of the whole point.

    I don't see how magic comes into it.

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    My guess is that as the middle class erodes we'll see a movement towards the left again. Probably not for another 6-9yrs though.

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    My predictions for 2017: (assume Labour gets it's **** sorted)

    NAT 43%
    LAB 31%
    GRN 11%
    NZF 8%
    CON 4.5%

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    I'm thinking it'll take longer than one term for the left to get its **** together. They're a shambles at the moment.

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    gneiss wrote:
    What is odd about someone who may think the MP for their electorate does awesome things for that electorate, but they still favour another party so split their vote?
    I did this. Mt Albert is David Shearer who in my opinion was better than the national candidate locally, but voted National Party.