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    Windows 10 Thread

    According to the up loader this is technical preview build 9834, So real early stuff. The video doesn't really show anything new apart from a prototype of the new start menu, as most of the stuff from this video has leaked already we just finally get to see it an action.

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    RIP Metro?

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    looks handy for pr0n browsing

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    Necriss wrote:
    looks handy for pr0n browsing
    Hahaha, have to say I was guilty of this idea also

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    Windows 9 Sneaky pr0n edition

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    looking gud

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    Ive got a preview build of it. I might install it tonight and have a look.
    I installed cloud os tge other day. It's cool but still pretty broken. The storage spaces replication stuff looks pretty promising.

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    Not seeing a reason to move from 7

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    Unsettled wrote:
    Not seeing a reason to move from 7
    The reason will likely end up being DirectX 12 when it comes out (is it coming with the retail release of 9 or after?)

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    Unsettled wrote:
    Not seeing a reason to move from 7
    It's a 2 minute preview of a leaked early build done by someone who clearly is a muppet. I wouldn't exactly take much from it at all.

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    gpig wrote:
    RIP Metro?
    "ModernUI" is heavily in play in that demo, it's just styled differently (without a full screen of tiles).

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    ahah from the live event

    "We want all these Windows 7 users to have the sentiment that yesterday they were driving a first-generation Prius... and now with Windows 10 it's like a Tesla."

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    They really are pushing those live tiles aren't they. As long as you can remove them that's ok though.

    Not sure why they skipped Windows 9 but I'm sure there's a marketing reason.

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    The spacing grid will be the same, it will be whitespace in the icon design causing the discrepancies you care so much about I imagine.

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    Lol they have 2 buttons next to each other for search, plus an extra box in the popup menu just in case you missed it. And side by side window snapping as a major feature? Probably gonna skip this one unless it's free.

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    Kinda sad if metro goes, but it seems like this is a good replacement.

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    Actually, after watching the vid, I like the layout of this. Desktops is back from Windows 3.11?

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    (Cross out Windows 7, replace with Windows 10)

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    Unsettled wrote:
    Not seeing a reason to move from 7
    The performance tweaks alone should make you move.

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    MysticNZ wrote:
    The performance tweaks alone should make you move.
    boot time? lol. I reboot maybe once a month. the other tweaks seem feeble. and then I consider how much time it takes for it to fix itself when an update or something goes wrong. The "Please wait" experience is not one I wish to indulge.

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    Never actually had a Windows 8 system go wrong, so cant comment.

    Performance wise I actually meant new technology (hardware) support. If you do a bit of goggling about windows 7 and how it unlocked cores. Was one of my jizz moments when WIndows 7 was in beta. I'm sure 9/10 (whatever it is) will have something similar.