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    Amazing movie. Would see again.

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    Was going to see it tonight but something came up, will have to wait until tomorrow. Didn't know it was 2hrs 23mins but it makes to seem like they did it proper job.

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    It is the most video game ass movie that isn't actually a video game

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    Hardcore Henry says hi

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    What. wrote:
    Hardcore Henry says hi
    Sorry, should've prefaced it with "good"

    Hardcore Henry was trying hard(core) to be a video game, John Wick does that shit naturally.

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    Valeo wrote:
    Sorry, should've prefaced it with "good"

    Hardcore Henry was trying hard(core) to be a video game, John Wick does that shit naturally.
    How about Crank 1 & 2? Both are hugely fun films IMO.

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    Good movie. A little Thor: Ragnarok comedic style to it. 4/5

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    I'd say this is my least favourite in the series, there wasn't really any evolution here like between 1 & 2, this was just more of the same as before. If they're going to keep making more of these movies, which is what its sounding like, they will need step up their game with each release in one way or another.

    Having said that, still a totally enjoyable movie and I don't regret seeing it on the big screen whatsoever.

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    I enjoyed it more than the second one. The fight scenes were certainly more entertaining except the ending which was ott for my liking.

    I agree about progression aspect, i think they need to warp up this plot line in the next film otherwise it's going to dimish the legacy. I dont know if Keanu is more profit or fan biased in that regard though or where he would draw the line. Sure wouldn't want it becoming like Saw for example.

    They could still expand onto the general universe or maybe go back in time(that would suit a series format better imo)

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    I feel that this film was a lot stronger than the second in most ways but there are aspects of this film place it firmly below the original film for me.

    The series has lost its sense of grounding that the first film evoked so effortlessly, Wick is at his most super human here and his few excuses for passing time in the plot seem to be enough to heal him back to full HP in a way that doesn't really feel believable, especially as there is no gap between this film and 2.

    The mythology of the series, while fascinating, arguably works better for me when its not so clearly explained. I miss the Dark Soulsish apply your own answers vibe of the first film.

    FInally, the music in this third film is completely non existent. There is nothing here that matches the concentrated hype that was the original film's Red Circle Club scene which to me still stands as the greatest sequence in not only the franchise, but action films of the last decade or so. While the action has evolved in so many ways, none of it feels as gripping as it should because the overall atmosphere feels less grounded and more shallow. I loved the action in this one but the lack of music robs it of some of that that John Wick aura.

    Final thought, Hallie Berry was pretty damn good here, she didn't reload as often as she should have but the scenes with the dogs were so ****ing creative.

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    Ramza wrote:
    the scenes with the dogs were so ****ing creative.
    Except they went for the balls in nearly every attack

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    KiwiTT wrote:
    Except they went for the balls in nearly every attack
    Yeah but the angles dude, it was the same end result but so many versatile ways of getting there lol.

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    WOW that was quick John Wick Chapter 4 coming in May 2021.

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    ^O M G ... I still think the Original was the best!

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    awesome, loved it 9/10. Could had some more impactful and shorter action scenes but still awesome

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    Thoroughly enjoyed this.

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    Another great John wick flick

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    Theyre good movies but the best part is Keanu Reeves' unintentionnal comedic acting because of wood like appearance

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    Watched the Original again tonight. Still cant get over how rewatchable it still is.