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    soo keen for this!
    I love GOW3 horde mode

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    If they do a singleplayer then I'll buy it.

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    I'd be surprised if you can even find a match in nz/aus atm. If people come back for this it probably wont last long.

    Game had virtually no content to begin with, adding stuff now isn't going to bring back many of the people who gave up.

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    I got my copy for $20-30 bucks at a nearby game store, NOT gamestop. I have since seen it for $10 and $20 USD at video rental stores and other stores on sale. Its cheaper now, so hopefully more people will buy it.

    This, actually, is the only game I find "chatty" people in, which seems to be a dying thing in the online gaming era...Like everyone simply wants to party chat and use skype and leave the in game chat empty. Depressing.

    Also, these prices are in the USA...sorry aussies...i love you still.