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    GaR wrote:
    I pretty much only play arcade mode these days. People who care about the outcome of a game have this tendency to act like ****s, so I prefer my stakes low.

    Not sure if you know this but your accent is kiwi as **** m8

    Anyway, getting back into OW - new character seem interesting, haven't played for ~8months. Moira probably my favs out of the new cast, Doomfist seems a little impenetrable.

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    Funny that.

    Brigitte is pretty useful, and people struggle to counter. Hanzo's new rapid fire ability easily makes up for losing scatter. Lucio's wall ride is now super ezmode, and his boop no longer uses ammo.

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    Yeah had my first go with Brigitte last night; didn't really click for me - could see the stun being very annoying though.

    Never played Hanzo and don't think I ever will, but seems like the re-tooling has been well received - there are Hanzo's all over the godamn place.

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    Lootboxes have started going mad with duplicates again. From four lootboxes I just got 13 duplicates, one pile of currency, a player icon, and a Tracer emote.