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    Purchasing a motorhome for full time living.

    Hi GP,

    Does anyone know where the X-Rental fleet of Motorhomes go once they have been retired by the Rental companies?

    If they are damaged do they head to a specific wrecker? I see most motorhome yards are based Auckland.

    Looking at purchasing a motorhome later this year to live in and not keen of the motorhome 'tax' these car yards seem to put on them.

    Budget is round 30 - 35k.

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    motorhome "tax"?

    they cost that much because thats what people pay for them
    get sweet **** all (to live in long term) for that price

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    Is this a joke thread?

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    Ring up the companies, they always selling them

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    Ask if there's anything wrong with it as you're wanting to do it up as a project and they will likely tell you all the things wrong with it.

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    Theres plenty of them being sold privately. Lots of people try the lifestyle and either don't really like it, or are too old to drive the 4 tonne monster with any confidence.

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    And the ones that are confident probably shouldn't be driving them

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    They are easily spotted by the panel damage

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    Family friend purchased his one over in Germany, shipped it to NZ and saved heaps from what i've been told.

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    The steering wheel being on the wrong side would be an issue if you intended to use it on the road.

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    Pfft, don't let facts get in the way of a good yarn.

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    Maybe its was a caravan or 5th wheeler ?

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    Oh I missed the bit where we were talking about those.

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    well we weren't, strictly speaking, but they fit the same category.

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    Of course, I forgot that caravans and fifth wheelers have motors.

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    It is conceivable that someone would describe one using an ambiguous term like "camper".

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    Yes it is. But in this case, the op clearly stated MOTORHOME (it's right there in the title), and smurfslave reckons his uncles brothers friend imported one from Germany and saved heaps. No where did he say he imported a camper, or a campervan, or a caravan. Smurfyslave is doing that thing where he talks ****, and Leon pointed out that Germany is left hook, so unless it has been converted or isn't road legal it's unlikely.

    But as I said, lets not let facts get in the way of a good yarn.

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    It's not Unsettled's fault that Dirtyslave doesn't know what has an engine.

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    Wow, what a necro