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    swedee wrote:
    So yeah a woman with a claw, guy rocking blue facepaint and a katana on his back, come on are they having a laugh. Maybe I'm in the minority but I'd love to have an updated BF1942 with new maps, graphics, improved features from more recent BF titles rather than this weird looking, alternative history battlefield.

    Guess my hopes lie with Post Scriptum or Hell let Loose instead.
    I was thinking the same thing but with what appears to be a much larger and almost forceful push back towards teamwork I'm actually looking forward to it.

    If it is fun to play and takes me back to the more teamwork orientated style of 1942/BF2 then I'm not concerned if it isn't historically accurate and has odd themes. To me, 3 & 4 (never played 1) were a slightly larger COD with vehicles and were nowhere near as enjoyable as 1942 & 2 despite playing smoother and looking fairly good.

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    Slightly larger? Oh god don’t compare cod and bf

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    After watching that Jack Frags video it sounds interesting and deeper on paper, but that shitty trailer did them no favours at all.

    I will be interested to see it in action in the next couple of weeks.

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    Yeah trailer is bad...enhanced bullet penetration will be cool.

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Slightly larger? Oh god don’t compare cod and bf
    Compared to how spaced out the battles felt in 1942 and BF2, the maps in 3 & 4 felt not that much larger than COD. Whenever I play on maps like pearl market and flood zone it just seems like deathmatch rather than conquest. Always someone right up behind you. It just feels like there is no "front line" so to speak.

    I would prefer not to compare BF and COD, the latter I am not a fan of at all which is why I was disappointed with BF3/4 compared to the earlier games. BC2 started it with the funnelling of players into small areas and 3/4 continued it with the exceptions of a handful of maps like Caspian Border, Dragon Valley and Firestorm.

    Unfortunately the smaller maps seem to be the most played ones on the active servers now.

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    Franklly as long as i can hop into beautifully detailed WW2 vehicles I don't care.

    Interesting that the trailer featured the Churchill tank.

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    just preordered

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    The claw chick is indeed weird and out of place. Customizing is appealing I guess, but in my opinion it's taking it to a stupid level. I'd be happy with an element of customization as long as they can keep it realistic. Tough British chicks with claw hands and Tommy guns weren't a real thing so that bothers me a little bit.

    There were some nice things in the video though. Warms my heart to see the Bren gun appear there. BF109's, Piats, Thompsons, MG42's, Panzers, Churchills.

    What makes you guys think it's alternate history? That video kinda screams Operation Market Garden? The bridge and the Paratroopers?

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    I'd love a 1942 remake as well but this looks like it has potential to be pretty awesome, although I much prefer modern enviroments.

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    Why? It's not like there won't be enough copies at release.
    BZP wrote:
    just preordered

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    ludez wrote:
    Why? It's not like there won't be enough copies at release.
    For those sweet DLCs and early access?

    Pre-Order Battlefield V to Get Special Bonuses:

    Early Access to the Battlefield V Beta – Try Battlefield V beforehand through early access to the Open Beta. Be one of the first on the frontlines and witness Battlefield – and WW2 – as you’ve never seen it before.
    Paratrooper Gear – At launch, choose one of eight Special Soldier Sets available in Battlefield V and customize your troops.
    Special Assignments – Starting on launch week, earn rewards and get an edge over the competition by completing Special Assignments.
    Immediate Access to Five Battlefield 1 Weapons* – Ready for use in Battlefield 1, unlock five of the Great War’s most modern weapons and bridge the technological gap between the two world wars.

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    Ugh preorder bonus junk.

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    purplez wrote:
    Franklly as long as i can hop into beautifully detailed WW2 vehicles I don't care.

    Interesting that the trailer featured the Churchill tank.
    Best post I have seen all day tbh, feel the same

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    Hope they got rid of the spawning into airplanes in mid air crap, i want to take off from the ground like in bf1942.

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    You'd hope so, being this is supposed to be slower and more tactical.

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    Agree, does seem very out of place. But BF franchise has never not been enjoyable really. BF42/BF2 days were the height for sure.
    A tart up of BF42 with new engines and some of the improvements from later releases would be the dream though.

    Speaking of accuracy, don't forget BF42 competitive games typically involved a squad wing-riding to a spawn those were the days.

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    Yeah but wing riding was perfectly accurate... as was driving tanks under water with a mate spannering the top. All legit.

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    Haha! Forgot that one. Jihad jeeps was great fun too. Tankers hated it though!

    I'm sure I used to play with/against you Frag. Can't for the life of me remember your crowds name... you played with Troy though?

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    Yep, I loved trolling tanks with jihad jeeps. PETA would have had kittens if they allowed you to do that with horses in BF1

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    One thing that slightly concerns me about the trailer is the amount of time that a player could potentially spend out of control of their character. For example in BF4 which I'm currently playing you have vaulting and knifing animations. That's fine, but how far is this going to go with animations in BF5? Hopefully you don't just feel like you're part of a cut scene half of the time...

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    Apparently you can cancel the revive and drag animations part way through if you come under fire etc

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    What will be the point of all those fancy animations if people just suicide instead of waiting for a revive.

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    Here's an interview JackFrags did. He kinda answers the questions I had about animations at 17:15. He says they don't want to deteriorate the gameplay and all the animations will be 'snappy'.

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    doesn't look fun at all.