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    designer_potato wrote:
    New Operation is fun (playing it for the Tides of War bizzo)

    I never really played BF1 Operations except for a tiny bit at launch (because there were never any Oceania servers...) but there is a bunch of sooking on reddit about how BF5 Operations are not as good as the BF1 ones, but i can't really remember what is different. What did they change? Or is it just the usual reddit screeching?
    They're very similiar IMO gameplay-wise.

    BF1 seemed to have more "emotion" pre-round though, each faction speaking in their native tongue (with subtitles where required), it was a full on history lesson. If you could spawn in quick enough you could listen to the pre-battle speeches which were excellent.

    The biggest issue with Operations (and any other "PTO-heavy" game mode) is the balancing. There's still so many players that prefer to camp back in the spawn zone with sniper rifles, tanks etc. and not push up. Without the whole team pushing aggressively, using armour for shields, heavy use of smoke, flanking etc. it is near impossible to win in my experience. When you end up in a squad and team that knows what to do the round ends very quickly!

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    mofozilla wrote:
    Havent seen anyone take proper advantage of that as yet. Most get to the front line and insta deathed almost with an onslaught of rockets haha
    You can position yourself pretty strategically.

    My Bro spawned drove and ran over 6 people then got back with a few blasts but survived last night in game...

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    Looks good will be reinstalling, Plus I built a new rig and need to test it out.

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    It should attract people back to BF5

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    Looks good but I just can't get into BR games.

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    Looks great.

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    Will give it a go for sure. Not sure on tanks... they are OP as it is. BR should be info only, with transport vehicles IMO.

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    It looks like there's a ton of AT around the map and tanks are pretty easy to take out if you know what you're doing and with 2 or 3 members of a squad with AT i don't think it'll be that much of a problem. They require fuel as well. My biggest concern is EA being EA. My bet is they'll release it then forget about it and it'll be dead within a few months.