Battlefield 5

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    Battlefield 5

    To much the surprise of no one, Battlefield 5 will still be military-themed.

    Also "holiday 2016" is currently penciled in as release window.

    I expect more of the same, but with better graphics and beefier specs.

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    wish they would do a remake of 1942.

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    remake of 2142

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    Want a WW2 themed one please. Back to where it began and hopefully without the bugs that BF4 has.

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    A really top notch 1942 remake would get my vote and money. Can't wait to see a super flash Sherman bust through a wall and wreck some Nazis.

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    They could make one incredible game if they went back to WW2. The graphics and physics they have now, but with a WW2 theme would be awesome. Back to the days of Zero v Corsair on the Battle of Coral Sea.

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    +1 for WW2. I've been saying it for years. As recently as the BF4 launch the consensus was still that WW2 was played out, etc.

    But at this point BF5 will need something special to get my dollars.

    Of course, I'll definitely be getting Battlefront...

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    WW2, yes please.

    Another incremental update like 3 > 4? No thanks.

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    Moar bugs pls!

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    Therk wrote:
    WW2, yes please.

    Another incremental update like 3 > 4? No thanks.
    So many things I like more about BF3 than BF4, they went backwards. Can't see much hope for BF5 or Battlefront 3 at this stage.

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    I miss WW2 shooters, would be amazing with todays graphics especially with Battlefield-style mechanics

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    TBH I'll probably pre-order it haha

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    You Won’t See Another Battlefield ‘for a Couple of Years’
    Better get used to playing BF1 for a while.

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    So we'll just see dlc, a new battlefront game then? I suppose BF4 was around for a few years before bf1 came

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    Isn't that a good thing? Annual releases sucks

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    Definitely a good thing.

    I hope when they eventually do release BF5, they bring us back to the Desert and show us a more rugged type of Warfare.
    Maybe more mountains as well? I'd really like some 1942 type maps.

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    WW2 would be epic, but i do already kind of miss BF4 haha.

    straight remake of 42 woudld be pretty awesome IMO - BF1 explode-able landscape would make the d-day map amazing.

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    Are NZ/AU BF3 servers still populated?

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    Yes I know there are some AU servers, full of hackers since they are no longer releasing updates.

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    I had a couple of games of BF3 on Xbox One (newly backwards compatible along with Bad Company 2) yesterday, there was 2 NZ/ Aus servers with people in them, one was full the other about 50% populated...

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    remake of 1942 would be awesome

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    Whatever they do, bring back weapon upgrades.

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    waiting for BF WW2

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    Seem like the next step to do a WW2 game, just hope they dont go back to a modern setting again, maybe a western themed bf could be good cowboys and indians. or further back with sword on sword fighting, catapults that fire burning rocks.

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    Remake 2142 that was such a great game would love too see it back online again