Battlefield 5

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    Had almost full firestorm Aussie games back to back lastnight.

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    They ought to make one wonderful recreation in the event that they went again to WW2. The pix and physics they have now, however with a WW2 subject matter might be amazing. Back to the days of Zero v Corsair on the Battle of Coral Sea. Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher
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    Actually impressed with Mercury.
    Me likey.

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    Are remake of Coral Sea map would be awesome.

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    NO WAY
    plz be real

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    Just saw it posted on the Battlefield YouTube channel so it must be.
    Tryyyying not to get hyped.

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    Oh man, the hype is real! Op Metro 24/7 servers again!!!

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    Anyone on here playing for a clan and looking for some casual players in NZ?
    LEFT TEAM in SA and looking for some peeps to game with.

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    AP mines getting nerfed again in the next patch

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    No clan gamers here who are keen for new casual player?

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